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[SUCCESS STORY] SEB GROUP: on the road to digital

How to remain a leader on your international market and create a privileged relationship with consumers and your network of distributors?
To meet these objectives, Seb wanted to build an e-commerce system to serve the user experience, while enhancing product branding.

[SUCCESS STORY] A new corporate website for Pierre Fabre

Pierre Fabre, an international pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetics group, has set up in 2019 a new modern corporate website, offering new features that are essential to reflecting a modern group. The aim : enhance communication, employer branding and the user relationship, in France and overseas.

What is the role of product configuration in e-commerce?

A huge challenge for the e-commerce sector is product configuration, now making it possible for online retailers to provide a richer experience for their current and prospective customers. It goes beyond visual aspects (customisation), enabling customers to select the technical characteristics of their products.