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Remain Relevant with The Right B2B E-Commerce Solution: Adapt and benefit in the face of change

Ever since COVID-19 changed everyone’s lives and purchase patterns last year, B2B e-commerce has become more important than ever. And while salespeople still have to be able to reach customers, and capture demand as it happens, B2B businesses have to execute their e-commerce channels and digital marketing efforts with excellence. 

The agile digital agency: transformation in practice

“The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time” – is what Jeff Sutherland, one of the leading authorities on Scrum, promises in his book of the same name. What a promise for agencies, which are used to continually working at the limit! This is why pioneers in the agency sector have already been focusing on Scrum and Kanban for a few years and, in the meantime, agile transformation has become a fact of everyday life within agencies. 

The agile digital agency: fit for the future

To adhere to deadlines and budgets and keep clients happy despite all this, efficient project management is an absolute must. The challenge: in the wake of digitisation, conventional agency project management frequently reaches its limits. Caught between the increasingly rapid progress of technology, constantly changing customer expectations and global competitive pressure, digital agencies are really feeling the full force of this development. 

Ecommerce's growth skyrockets. Are you ready for change?

“By 2037 ecommerce will overtake traditional commerce.” That’s the harsh reality according to Nielsen in their report “Future Opportunities in FMCG Ecommerce”. 2037 might seem like it’s still far off, but that is not the reality. Ecommerce is everyone’s highest priority and this report tells us that it will dominate even more in the years to come.  It’s time to start evaluating and reinvesting in your ecommerce solution so that you’ve done your fair share of optimising by 2037.

How to easily avoid bad product images

Imagine this: You’re in a crowded shopping centre. There are numerous clothing stores that line the hallways. But how do you decide which store you’ll enter? There are two options. Either you go to the store you know, out of habit, or you start checking out the clothes on mannequins in a shop window. The way those mannequins are dressed and posed will make you decide whether or not you want to have a look.