Circular design

How to meet the challenge of circular design?

we looked at the use of circular design, an economic and social model that is bringing about a quiet revolution in the way we see products and services. Producing in a responsible way is a challenge that must be met, including in the digital field. 
Conseiller et ia

Bank adviser + AI = Augmented Adviser!

With the digital boom and customers that are more connected than ever, customer service teams are now turning to artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. On the one hand, the aim is to improve service quality. On the other, it is to meet the requirements of customers, who demand instant services and information, 24/7.  
développer l'innovation grâce à un lab

Developing innovation through a lab

I recently provided feedback on the construction of a lab at the bank Crédit du Nord, which was an opportunity to share our expertise in the area of innovation. Innovation is now a core part of all corporate strategies. As Gary Shapiro said at the last CES in Las Vegas, "every company today is, or needs to be a tech company", where innovation is a powerful performance driver in an increasingly competitive market.