An Agile Health Check to support continuous improvement

As coaches, my colleagues and I wanted to offer the teams we support a tool they can use to not only challenge their own agile practices, but also identify their own areas for improvement.
14 September 2021/by Elsa Greder

4 critical questions to ask yourself about low-code

In Los Angeles, it took an entrepreneur just three days to create Givelocal, a crowdfunding platform to help struggling restaurants. The secret? Using low-code, which drastically reduces the time and cost of creating IT tools.
7 September 2021/by Maxime Thubiere


Some time ago, Google announced an update in the approach for the ranking of websites in their search results.
31 August 2021/by Geoffrey Vandamme
Microsoftteams-image (3)

Big data and industry: harmonize and conquer

On March 9th, the European Commission set out the ambitious objective of having “75% of EU companies using Cloud/AI/Big Data” by 2030.
27 July 2021/by Jean François Crépeau

Environmental responsibility and digital: two key points for optimized customer experience 

Environmental responsibility has never been more relevant. According to a study conducted by Oney and OpinionWay on sustainable consumption , 90% of consumers expect brands to make a real commitment and help them consume better.
13 July 2021/by Virginie Giordano

VivaTech 2021: sustainable development at the heart of strategies, among other things

The leading global tech show reopened its doors with a hybrid online-physical approach: VIVA Technology in Paris, June 2021.
8 July 2021/by Maxime Thubiere

Digital and cosmetics: the innovations that are on everyone's lips

In this age of digital technology and smartphones, personalization is everywhere, even in our makeup bags.
6 July 2021/by Amandine Bargain

Online, offline, everywhere: Coronavirus as the driver of omnichannel commerce

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed weaknesses in many areas of the economy and society and revealed the true scale of our shortcomings.
29 June 2021/by Mathias Kossman


SCOTT Sports, one of the leaders in high-performance outdoor sports equipment, wants to accelerate and sustain the digitalization of its business activities.

The highest bid wins...or does it really?

If you are involved in digital advertising, you probably know that Facebook's advertising delivery is based on an auction system. In short, this system determines which ad will appear in a user's feed.
22 June 2021/by Petter Nilsson

[SUCCESS STORY] PIERRE FABRE: Renewed clinical trial recruitment journey

Pierre Fabre is rethinking the recruitment and management of its skin research center panel.
16 June 2021/by SQLI
Value customer journey

Create value for the entire customer journey by maximizing your digital advertising

It is said that only 3% of your potential customers are ready to buy right now. If you then start your marketing at the "buy now" step - it means that you could lose the remaining 97% of the traffic that is not there, yet.
15 June 2021/by Petter Nilsson

[SUCCESS STORY] RADIANCE MUTUELLE: a website in order to maximise its visibility

Radiance Mutuelle's objective was to increase its audience and improve the contact process within an omnichannel logic.
14 June 2021/by SQLI

How to leverage agility in e-commerce

Although most e-commerce projects have up until recently been using the V-model, it’s impossible to not have noticed the growing preference for the agile methodology.
8 June 2021/by Vincent Jacquemin

Are digital practices leading to overload in companies? 

Digital transformation is a necessity for practically all organisations today, whatever their type and activity.
1 June 2021/by Alix Howard
Customer journey blake-wisz-q3o 8mtefm0-unsplash

Why you need to upgrade your digital customer journey

The impact of a global pandemic has taught us many things, but most of all it has taught us about the importance of meaningful and real contact with the people around us.
27 May 2021/by Lissa Simons
Tendaces ux


Who could have imagined the major changes the current health crisis would bring to our personal and working lives?
25 May 2021/by Sebastien Viozat

Where to Play – Innovating in three steps to seize opportunities in an uncertain environment

In the uncertain environment we are experiencing, it is crucial for all entrepreneurs, business leaders and innovation managers to identify the various market development possibilities and assess related opportunities, in order to look ahead with peace of mind and build a growth strategy that will be able to adapt to change.
18 May 2021/by Maxime Thubiere


ADL parking reservation is a strategic service and the 2nd largest source of extra-airport revenue with 50% of the turnover coming from the website.
Happy customer pexels-andrea-piacquadio-3811600

Putting the charm back into the digital buying journey with a human touch

The COVID crisis has undeniably enabled e-commerce to take a giant step forward by converting new consumer profiles to this form of buying.
11 May 2021/by Sébastien Bégel

[Ebook] Customer experience How to get started?

This ebook aims to help you get started and make customer experience a priority.
7 May 2021/by SQLI

New and traditional insurers: there will be no digital war

In the face of the current health crisis, new insurers and their promise of a fast, full-digital buying journey have been getting a lot of media coverage in France in recent months.
6 May 2021/by Pierre-Antoine Person

3 tips on how to tackle IOS14

With Apple's rollout of iOS 14, we can expect a big difference in the number of reported events linked to Facebook advertising.
4 May 2021/by Petter Nilsson

How Adobe Experience Manager and Magento Commerce synergy can solve your content conundrums

When Bill Gates published the essay Content is King on the Microsoft website back in 1996, he referred to the ‘gold rush’ of information and content he believed would sweep the world online.
20 April 2021/by SQLI

E-commerce content marketing #1: Content is King

Content Marketing could be said to have originated with the invention of the Gutenberg printing press - from which pamphlets could be mass produced and circulated widely.
13 April 2021/by Mat Havelock

Unified Commerce: Building on A Strong Foundation

To get the ball rolling and tackle this topic, let’s start with the basics. Simply put, Unified Commerce is a way to connect all channels and sources of orders, products, inventory, and fulfilment. We’ll elaborate with some examples.
8 April 2021/by OSUDIO

App Store's 30% commission: the apple of discord

Apple's App Store and its 30% commission fee are currently the source of heated debate
6 April 2021/by Eric Thean
280455 gettyimages-488632261 super1

Remain Relevant with The Right B2B E-Commerce Solution: Adapt and benefit in the face of change

Ever since COVID-19 changed everyone’s lives and purchase patterns last year, B2B e-commerce has become more important than ever. And while salespeople still have to be able to reach customers, and capture demand as it happens, B2B businesses have to execute their e-commerce channels and digital marketing efforts with excellence. 
1 April 2021/by OSUDIO
Desgin sprint 2

Agile at scale? Never without the business lines.

The dual necessity to speed up delivery of value to customers and do so with equal, or even fewer resources has encouraged many companies to initiate digital transformation programmes.
30 March 2021/by Patterson Waltz
202102 osudio all bannes sap hubspot-1095x475-03

ENSURING BUSINESS CONTINUITY FOR B2B COMMERCE: Digital self-service is no longer a luxury.

With many traditional offline channels unavailable, or only partially available, due to COVID restrictions, scheduling a face-to-face meeting with a sales rep for product advice is currently not always an option.
25 March 2021/by OSUDIO
Digital-workplace crise

Digital workplace: Learning lessons from the crisis

In addition to radically changing our daily lives and health system, Covid-19 has greatly disrupted the organisation of companies, which have been forced to make remote working the new norm without necessarily being equipped with the right tools.
23 March 2021/by SQLI

Flexible E-Commerce: Opportunity Created By Change

As recent events have shown us, our companies and society can be drastically impacted by an unexpected, external cause.
18 March 2021/by OSUDIO

Data governance: a major tool for your CSR approach

With the growing problem of "infobesity", companies are required to manage ever larger amounts of data, gathered both by teams internally and from clients and end users.
16 March 2021/by Virginie Hardy


When it came to developing the web platform and Progressive Web App (PWA) for its exclusively online services, it chose SQLI.
15 March 2021/by SQLI
E-commerce : fluidifiez et sécurisez votre parcours client


The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the growth of B2B e-commerce to its peak. Buyers in this market are conditioned by their experiences as consumers and expect to have a similarly seamless and personalised shopping experience in B2B.
12 March 2021/by SQLI

Meet And Exceed Emerging Customer Expectations: unlocking the power of your data!

Since the COVID restrictions started in early 2020, more and more B2B companies have been shifting to platforms that enable digital sales.
11 March 2021/by OSUDIO


With global supply chains and the complex landscape of suppliers and vendors, the coronavirus pandemic has impacted manufacturers the hardest.
9 March 2021/by Estanislao Montesinos Gomez


The goal for carrefour assurance was to attract new visitors and pioneer new models.
7 March 2021/by SQLI

5 ways COVID-19 is impacting ecommerce

“What has been the impact of the global pandemic on ecommerce?”
2 March 2021/by Frederik Claessens


With global supply chains and the complex landscape of suppliers and vendors, the coronavirus pandemic has impacted manufacturers the hardest.
23 February 2021/by Estanislao Montesinos Gomez

The Luxury story in the face of Covid-19 (Part II)

“How can I be of assistance today, Sir?” This typical front-of-store welcome has become synonymous with the luxury brand industry, setting the scene for the personal care and attention to follow.
18 February 2021/by Kevin Ludford

Six questions to ask when defining the scope your digital project

Building a sufficiently clear and detailed requirements specification that will put your digital project on track is a big challenge.
11 February 2021/by SQLI

BOPIS and BORIS: the retailer's friends

In this article, we will look at how BOPIS and BORIS can significantly improve retailers' daily lives. 
9 February 2021/by Christophe Lannezval

Food: what is happening in the areas of foodtech and agritech in Asia?

Growth of the world population, and the middle classes in Asia's emerging countries in particular, has led to an increase in demand for food.
4 February 2021/by SQLI

Connected health in Asia: Four thriving companies to follow

The adoption of digital in the health sector has seen exponential growth in Asia following the Covid-19 pandemic. Numerous innovations in this area had begun to emerge in recent years
2 February 2021/by SQLI

AI and Personalisation: explanations, limits and drives

retail professionals have moved to personalise marketing strategies. Always transform better, constantly increase the average basket and consistently maintain customer loyalty
28 January 2021/by Sébastien Bégel

CES 2021: this year, it's all about the "new normal"

This 54th CES event did not escape the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and, like everybody, it had to adapt.
27 January 2021/by Maxime Thubiere

E-commerce: towards a hyper-personalised customer experience

Personalisation is a never-ending quest that now requires a hyper-personalised experience.
26 January 2021/by Sébastien Bégel

Insurance: a move to the new direct-to-consumer (D2C) model in Asia

This is why Asian insurers are focusing their strategy on the direct-to-consumer (D2C) model. Its advantages: being able to offer customers a personalised digital service by collecting as much data as possible directly, and without having to pay commission.  
21 January 2021/by SQLI
Omnical survie


Omnichannel transformation is now more necessary than ever for companies that have not yet made the leap.
14 January 2021/by Jean-Baptiste Gerberon
Attribution marketing anglais

Marketing attribution: beware of the last-click model

As you analyse your performance levels, your attention is drawn to one indicator in particular: Cost Per Acquisition, or 'CPA'.
12 January 2021/by SQLI
Headless or decoupled et jukan-tateisi-bjht 8nbua0-unsplash

Headless, coupled, progressively decoupled… What do they mean and which strategy to adopt for the future?

2020. Most companies around the world have completed their digital transformation. Some of them have already been through several transformation cycles.
7 January 2021/by SQLI

How do I integrate third-party data to create effective email campaigns?

First-party data are generated by a company's own operations, second-party data are sourced from business partnerships, but what are third-party data? 
5 January 2021/by Cédric Chardon
Luxury redbox

The Luxury story in the face of Covid-19 (Part I)  

When you think of the luxury retail industry what comes to mind? Personal assistants on hand in-store? A glass of Champagne while you try on some new outfits?
22 December 2020/by Kevin Ludford

Is loyalty still the best proof of love?

At a time when certain brands, such as Décathlon1, are rolling them back, we take a look at good practices and new trends for loyalty schemes.
17 December 2020/by Margaux Imberton
Img 2541-iphone-x-mockup-(1)

PWAs: Apple's forbidden fruit?

In 2017, Gartner predicted that Progressive Web Apps (PWA) would replace 50% of native apps by 2020.
15 December 2020/by Eric Thean

[EBOOK] Optimizing conversion on your website

In a hyper-competitive context, understanding customer behaviour and their paths becomes vital to develop sales on your website.
10 December 2020/by SQLI

Marketplaces: boost your growth with fintech!

Faced with stricter regulations, e-commerce websites must find new ways to diversify their revenue sources. In order to achieve this, the services provided by fintech can have a significant impact on marketplace growth. 
10 December 2020/by Julien Barreteau

Low code in practice thanks to collaborative platforms

The COVID-19 crisis that we are experiencing highlights the importance of collaborative platforms to ensuring service continuity in many domains where digital technology is king. This type of platform represents powerful opportunities, but the platforms can be efficiently and simply realised using low code. 
8 December 2020/by Maxime Thubiere


Pour faire la différence aujourd’hui, il est essentiel de fournir la meilleure expérience client possible. Forrester indique dans son rapport que “85% des clients considèrent les informations produit comme étant les principales données recherchées sur un site web”.
7 December 2020/by SQLI

Luxury brands in Asia have reinvented themselves

brands in the luxury sector have decided to experiment with new methods to attract an online audience and build loyalty in the face of the health crisis.
3 December 2020/by SQLI

Brands are taking back control with the emergence of direct sales (D2C) in Asia

As brands increasingly find themselves dependent on marketplaces, such as Alibaba in China, D2C has become a strategic challenge to regain control of their customer relationships and data.  
1 December 2020/by SQLI

Graphic facilitation: capturing words in the air

One method to address this issue (in addition to filtering and closing parasitic channels) is known as 'graphic facilitation', or notes augmented with drawings. It seems suspiciously simple.  
24 November 2020/by Marion Berthillier
Replay unified commerce

[Replay] How to build a winning unified commerce strategy

The key question is: “How can you build your Unified Commerce strategy to ensure business success for the coming years?”
19 November 2020/by SQLI

Remote training: feedback from agile coaches

Due to the lockdown, the possibility of organising remote training…
17 November 2020/by Elsa Greder

Insights from Asia – Growing customer relations without a physical store

Customers purchase from brands, but they value and trust people more than the brands they buy from.
10 November 2020/by Eric Bangerter
Digital-workplace header

Digital workplace: does anybody seriously believe they can do without change management?

The transition to a digital workplace is now unavoidable! By unifying the tools we use every day, it offers benefits that no longer need any introduction: more efficient individual and team working
5 November 2020/by SQLI

[White paper] Digital Workplace: Connect, collaborate and grow sustainably

Business success today relies on connectivity, collaboration…
3 November 2020/by SQLI

The Modern Workplace: How to create one effectively! 

companies are beginning to become aware of the opportunities and benefits offered by the Modern Workplace.
3 November 2020/by Lyse Manceau

Amazon – death with a shopping cart?

So it has finally happened. What we said would happen for eight Black Fridays in a row: Amazon has launched in Sweden! 
30 October 2020/by SQLI

e-Commerce: the growing role of ethics  

In the 2010s, the idea that a company's ethical values should play a greater role in choices started to take root in the minds of consumers. And e-Commerce is no exception; quite the contrary. 
27 October 2020/by Nicolas Ragaigne

Analytics and a data-driven approach: improve your understanding and actions to make better strategic decisions!

However, in the digital ecosystem, I often notice that data gathered using the various analysis tools are poorly used because they are poorly interpreted.
20 October 2020/by SQLI

Retail in times of crisis: the moment to fully embrace technological innovations!

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic suddenly brought about major and long-lasting change to our consumption patterns.
15 October 2020/by SQLI

Live streaming and social commerce: new forms of e-commerce in Asia

Over the past few years, two trends in particular have been growing in Asia: live streaming and social commerce.
13 October 2020/by SQLI

[Success story] 17 juin Média: a brand-new platform dedicated to health in Africa

SQLI is assisting 17 Juin Média with the development and referencing of AllôDocteurs.Africa, the first health service and information website in french-speaking Africa.
9 October 2020/by SQLI


SQLI was chosen to be the partner for the full overhaul of its platform and the setup of a PIM, cornerstones of the acceleration of its digital strategy.
9 October 2020/by SQLI
Sap commerce

SAP Commerce Cloud, finally in the Cloud

Today a lot of people are talking about SAP Customer Experience (SAP CX), basically meaning SAP Commerce Cloud and other products included in the suite.
8 October 2020/by Igor Keshishian
Post covid

Post Covid-19 energy industry players will need to reinvent their customer interaction

Their adoption of digital tools has been greatly sped up and their desire for more local consumption will very likely be carried forward into the coming months.  
6 October 2020/by SQLI

Six criteria for choosing between Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce

On the subject of Magento and its different versions, several questions arise. Which services are you really paying for when you use Magento Commerce?
29 September 2020/by Pierre-Alain Villemagne

Digital needs to question its role to ensure resilient growth

Faced with growing uses of digital technology, companies in the sector must reconsider their models and combine green transition with sustainable growth, both for themselves and their users.
22 September 2020/by Didier Fauque

The top five new trends in unified commerce

Unified commerce represents a radical change in the way technology is shaping retail commerce, which is one of the most dynamic and forward-looking sectors.
15 September 2020/by Christophe Lannezval

5G: the tree hiding the wood?

In order for 5G to be compatible with environmental challenges, we need to start moving towards digital restraint now. If we give it this objective before it is deployed, another kind of 5G is possible. 
10 September 2020/by SQLI
Demystifying technology photo-1580894732930-0babd100d356

SAP Commerce Cloud demystified

Whether you're new to SAP Commerce, or got confused along the way about the evolving SAP ecommerce offering and versioning, this article will help you put things in the right perspective.
8 September 2020/by Frederik Claessens

How can technology tackle public health issues?

Technology is firmly focused on improving public health. As demonstrated by recent events, health is a major issue, both collectively and individually.
1 September 2020/by Amir Oueriemmni

Ethical design: promoting respect for people and nature

Environmental issues are widely debated in the public sphere and have become major political and economic challenges. Brands that operate in the digital world must adapt. Ethical design therefore appears to be a natural choice.
25 August 2020/by Amal Chatelus - Ali Ammar

E-retailers: How to absorb a load increase without compromising the customer experience

Following the closure of non-essential physical stores, people's consumption in France has naturally turned towards e-commerce websites. This sudden load increase does not seem to be troubling major websites, but this is not always the case for smaller platforms.
18 August 2020/by Yann-Claude Philippot

Facebook Shops: Just in time - or just too late?

On May 19th Facebook sent out a press release detailing the future of shopping on their platforms. As soon as the words “Facebook Shops” got out, it was shared extensively on social media. But it was also striking to notice that almost no one was expressing an actual opinion about it.
11 August 2020/by Ola Linder

BtoB acquisition: think beyond the business plan to achieve your objectives

Every year we are set new objectives! Before beginning the search for new tools or increasing budgets unnecessarily, have you really explored the full potential of the various acquisition tools currently at your disposal?
4 August 2020/by Emilie Bolte

Why you should take advantage of Facebook's machine learning

Imagine you’re planning to buy something, and you start your online quest on Google or a marketplace. You then turn to Facebook or Instagram to see what keeps the world busy and then you see a series of inspiring ads for what you’ve just been searching for. The secret is Facebook’s machine learning and you better take advantage of it.
28 July 2020/by Lissa Simons

While Google was busy playing startup – Amazon stole their lunch

Competition is rising, even for the long unthreatened number one search engine Google. When we talk about the company from California it is usually in the form of a search engine.
21 July 2020/by Niclas Rudolfsson

OTAs and insurers need to work together now more than ever

Closing borders, air travel restrictions, lockdowns… Despite the efforts of governments and businesses to keep national economies afloat, Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) are suffering.
14 July 2020/by Alix Howard


The world’s largest tyre and rubber manufacturer, Bridgestone, partnered with SQLI to define and implement a new B2B SAP Commerce Cloud platform.
9 July 2020/by SQLI

What kind of cybersecurity governance do you need to anticipate risks and protect your company?

Ensuring the security of information systems in a large organisation is a major challenge. Only good governance will be enough to reassure general management, clients and partners, shareholders and, ultimately, the general public.
7 July 2020/by SQLI

Is humanity moving towards a digital economy?

How can we innovate and find new ways to provide solutions and services that are suited to this new reality, in light of the current transformation of daily life and consumption habits?
2 July 2020/by Eric Bangerter

What if your hosting could work like a carpool?

What if your hosting could work like a carpool? Now this is possible, thanks to Serverless Computing. Serverless computing is a cloud-computing model in which the cloud provider manages the server while dynamically and automatically providing the available hardware resources.
30 June 2020/by Richard Davison

A checklist for website tracking

Are you interested in learning the basics of website tracking for your business? Do you have the feeling that you’re not taking advantage of  the full potential of your data? I’m happy you are asking yourself these questions already!
23 June 2020/by Thibault Demuynck
Facebook ads

How Facebook Audience Targeting helps you reach both new and existing customers

The fact that Facebook is less of a pull-bases channel compared to, for example Google Search Advertising, implies that people are not always intentionally looking for products or services during their time on the platform.
16 June 2020/by Camille Vervenne

Why should brands be present on Pinterest?

If you’d like to throw the most amazing baby shower ever, decorate your house to make it look picture-perfect or if you’re looking for inspiration on what to cook, then Pinterest is the place to be for you. And this means, for you, as a brand as well. 
9 June 2020/by Leonie De Strooper

SEA strategy: how to manage the post-lockdown?

One of the main focus points is how to address consumers in order to remain visible and competitive. As part of the communication toolbox, SEA strategy deserves your attention. We explain why and how to adjust it.
4 June 2020/by Franck Gordi

Social networks and the global health crisis: what actions are they taking?

How have the main social networks reacted in the face of the current health crisis? In addition to managing growing disinformation, referred to as an "infodemic" by the WHO, social networks have taken various actions in response to the crisis.
2 June 2020/by Sandra Tschudin

The SEO Visibility Index in a nutshell

Have you noticed an unnatural drop in organic traffic to your website? Most likely you’ve lost your SEO Visibility.
26 May 2020/by Johan Björtin

7 ways to improve your Facebook/Instagram Ads

Let me start with an experience for me scrolling through my social feed. I’m there to look at what my friends are doing, get some inspiration for future surf trips or to learn something new. In between these pieces of content I also receive some ads.
21 May 2020/by Petter Nilsson

The rise of the second-hand market in China boosts the circular economy

The second-hand trend is spreading around the world and gaining ground in China, particularly with the weakening of its economy due to the Covid-19 crisis. We look at Xianyu, a Chinese app that provides a second-hand product purchasing platform for the 75.5 million users of Taobao, Alibaba's e-commerce website.
19 May 2020/by SQLI

New technologies help raise Chinese citizens' awareness of waste sorting

In the world's most populous country, to say that the issue of waste sorting is important is an understatement. tatistics show that China produces nearly 10 billion tons of solid waste each year.
14 May 2020/by SQLI
Samson-zgjbiukp -a-unsplash

A checklist for your Unified Commerce strategy

When you create a strategy for your e-commerce business, and the main goal is to provide a seamless customer experience, I believe there are some key areas you need to consider. By doing so, you will be able to increase your chances of creating a Unified Commerce strategy that enables customers to shop on their own terms.
12 May 2020/by Bengt Wessborg

When trying to be a robot, remember to stay human

In an era where we have been hammered with the “truth” that the one that becomes most likeable by the computer technology’s crawlers and search tools will be the one that prevails, we sometimes forget that we need to be ourselves in order to compete.
7 May 2020/by Ola Linder

Automating business processes using RPA: is it really a good idea?

The three letters 'RPA' have been drawing a lot of attention for some time now, but do you fully understand the concept behind them? Robotic Process Automation, a robot that reproduces human movements in order to carry out repetitive tasks.
5 May 2020/by Mathieu Rouly

Dark Mode: a bright future beckons

We’d all got used to screens with a white background. And then along came Dark Mode, giving us black screens and fresh, new habits. This trend, which has emerged over the last few years, shows no sign of stopping.
30 April 2020/by Marjorie Plovier

Digital workplace: IT and HR - together or nothing

The arrival of a new generation, who wants greater flexibility and mobility, is bringing about unprecedented changes in working methods.
28 April 2020/by Nizar Abdeljaoued

Why you need to take an interest in blockchain?

Almost exclusively linked to cryptocurrencies until 2016-2017, blockchain technology was born of a desire to create a virtual currency: the Bitcoin (the first block was created on the 3rd January 2009).
23 April 2020/by Philippe Sicardi

Food safety: Chinese supermarkets bet on Blockchain

In China, a number of counterfeit food and false certification scandals have hit consumer confidence in the products they buy from their supermarkets hard.
21 April 2020/by SQLI

Tourism: When new uses bring down major players

Many have fallen since 2018. Over the space of just a few months, seven airlines went bankrupt, the most well-known being Germania, Aigle Azur and XL Airways.
16 April 2020/by Alix Howard

The human factor, the next challenge in the digital transformation of our businesses

Faced with the speed at which our society is developing, it’s vital to be able to keep up with innovation. Digital transformation raises issues: it’s no longer a matter of modernising tools but learning to use them. It’s a challenge for our businesses if they want to maintain their position on the economic scene in the future.
14 April 2020/by Florian Boureille

A DXP case study

A digital experience platform (DXP) provides you with a centralised repository that brings together various pieces of information from across your organization. This means you no longer have to spend time putting together data and sending it to other departments within your company.
9 April 2020/by SQLI

Progressive Web Apps, a powerful new mobile-deployable tool

The brands whose apps are used on a daily basis, really are few but what’s left for the other brands that are only visited via a web browser? Perhaps the possibility of getting as close as possible to a native experience via a Progressive Web App or PWA.
7 April 2020/by Eric Thean

A checklist for choosing a DXP

There are not many DXPs available on the market today and choosing one that is right for your organisation is not an easy task. You will find five tips that will guide you through the phase of selecting your digital experience platform.
2 April 2020/by SQLI

Luxury: the 6 trends set to boost the market in 2020

In an industry now worth more than €1,000 billion, the next generation of consumers is forcing luxury brands to evolve faster than ever. What key trends will the luxury goods industry see this year?
31 March 2020/by Maxime Thubiere

Five major changes to expect when you invest in a DXP

A DXP has numerous advantages for users, technology teams and everyone else involved in digital transformation. From a business perspective, we believe a DXP offers you five major benefits.
26 March 2020/by SQLI

Unified commerce: working towards an effective digital transition

More than 50% of stores in France have not yet begun their digital transition. And those which have started to digitise their business are struggling to achieve a return on their investment. It is vital that the traditional traders' transition to unified commerce speeds up. But not in any way or at any price.
24 March 2020/by Christophe Lannezval

[EBOOK] Become your company's "Agile Hero"

Today's consumers expect a brand or a company to be able to constantly adapt and evolve its offer according to the needs of its customers.
20 March 2020/by SQLI

[WHITE PAPER] DXP : stay ahead of the game !

This white paper looks at how this can be achieved through a Digital ExperiencePlatform (DXP).
19 March 2020/by SQLI

Headless architecture: the 5 advantages for an e-commerce website

“What is headless architecture?”; “How does it help us?”; “How can it be implemented?” are questions customers ask us on a regular basis. To better understand this type of approach, let me tell you about the 5 advantages of this type of architecture.
17 March 2020/by Nicolas Chapin

Coronavirus drives Chinese adoption of autonomous delivery and automation

As China finds itself isolated from the world by the coronavirus epidemic, meeting increased online ordering demand nationwide and guaranteeing sourcing of medical supplies - quickly and without contaminating customers - have proved critical for suppliers and distributors.
13 March 2020/by SQLI
Phil-hodkinson-w0ougzjmoic-unsplash 1

The T algorithm: the 8 variables for identifying a future horseman

In his latest book, The Four: The hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google, the renowned American market analyst Scott Galloway talks about the T algorithm.
10 March 2020/by Maxime Thubiere
luxe experience digitale

Digital Experience in the luxury sector: 8 best practices to meet the expectations of millennials

Luxury brands now need to offer a modern digital experience, both online and in physical stores, while preserving their brand image.
3 March 2020/by Maxime Guyon

Digital training: an essential part of our cultural transformation

As experts from all areas are getting to grips with the early consequences of the digital transformation of our economy and society, recent reforms of vocational training and secondary education have brought the issue of life-long, digital training.
25 February 2020/by Jean-François Castelluccia
Piliers réussite projet

The 4 sure-fire keys to a successful digital project

In this time of digital transformation, we have become obliged to carry out projects within a reasonable time to market (TTM), mainly because of the impact a digital project can have on a company’s turnover.
18 February 2020/by Mehdi Ben Abdenneji

From medicine to telemedicine: how is digital technology changing healthcare?

With the evolution of technology (digital, Big Data, the development of applications, uberisation and more), several sectors have undergone, and are still undergoing, profound changes.
11 February 2020/by Amir Oueriemmni
Pwa e-commerce sqli

How can a progressive web app benefit e-commerce?

The smartphone is the device of choice for large numbers of users around the world. However, network coverage and data availability are still variable and so there are considerable disparities in mobile phone use.
4 February 2020/by David Long

CES 2020: the best innovations 

Maxime Thubière and I were special envoys from SQLI at the CES trade show in Las Vegas this year. As a follow-up to our previous article, I'd like to relive our visit and share all our discoveries with you. 
30 January 2020/by Arnaud Vatin

CES 2020: the human being's experience at the centre of technological innovation

CES gave pride of place to experience, by refocusing debate about technological innovation on human beings and how they can be better connected by monitoring their health, their homes, their environment
27 January 2020/by SQLI
digital learning

How digital learning can enhance uptake of business solutions

Complex business solutions are often costly and time-consuming to design, while their deployment is critical. Even when projects run smoothly, there is no certainty that the solutions will be adopted by users within the organisation.  It is therefore a good idea to plan support for employees from the outset in order to secure your business and investment. 
21 January 2020/by Julien Barreteau
Personal identity2 (1)

Identity and e-commerce: 4 developments for brands to expect

In an omnichannel experience, where the notion of location is secondary to that of a smooth journey, identity management can fast become a stumbling block. 
14 January 2020/by Maxime Thubiere
Gueule bois agile sqli

Watch out for an agile hangover!

Agility has become THE watchword for most businesses looking to upgrade their organisation to a more horizontal and collaborative model. As a result, agility has taken a central role in project management.
7 January 2020/by David Pichon
marché de l'art

The art market - Overview of its digital transformation

When the art market makes headlines, it’s mainly down to jaw-dropping works, venues and prices. But an internet connection offers access to artistic variations and themes from any period. Despite some slight residual resistance to the “digital revolution”, from private galleries to exclusive auctions, the art market has taken the technological path. In just a few years, it has successfully developed a new, increasingly mature version of itself.  
17 December 2019/by Emmanuel Gastou
Design system piliers

The 3 pillars of a Design System, the holy grail of every digital product

There’s no doubt, Design System is the expression on everyone’s lips right now. For some it’s a library of components, for others it's a style guide, or even a website
10 December 2019/by Romain Glé
Sqli e-commerce medias sociaux

Social media and e-commerce: a winning pair to enhance performance

The performance of an e-commerce website should not be based on technical aspects alone. It should also be driven by a global ecosystem, which the website is designed for from the outset.
3 December 2019/by Margaux Imberton
Circular design

How to meet the challenge of circular design?

we looked at the use of circular design, an economic and social model that is bringing about a quiet revolution in the way we see products and services. Producing in a responsible way is a challenge that must be met, including in the digital field. 
26 November 2019/by Laury Lapuly
Usage du design circulaire

Using circular design: let's start going round in circles

More than ever before, we need to see environmental responsibility as more than just a trend and overcome indifference and marginalisation. Protecting the environment should be an integral part of our society and we must all get involved for the situation to improve.
19 November 2019/by Laury Lapuly

Empathy – a successful methodology for digital projects

Whether you work for a large, medium-sized or small organisation, you will most likely manage your digital projects by following the latest trends. Today it’s all about Agility (@Scale or 'light'). But it’s important not to forget the basics. 
14 November 2019/by Jacques Courbier
Conseiller et ia

Bank adviser + AI = Augmented Adviser!

With the digital boom and customers that are more connected than ever, customer service teams are now turning to artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. On the one hand, the aim is to improve service quality. On the other, it is to meet the requirements of customers, who demand instant services and information, 24/7.  
12 November 2019/by Ramzi Akkari
Opération airbnb musée louvre

A night at the museum: Airbnb offers a completely new experience once again

"Airbnb – Belong Anywhere". This sets the tone. Airbnb – the online accommodation rental and booking market leader – has once again amazed us by launching a co-branding campaign with a museum we know well... the Louvre! How can a co-branding partnership between a pure play company and a museum work? Read on to find out more.  
5 November 2019/by Mélanie Descourtis
développer l'innovation grâce à un lab

Developing innovation through a lab

I recently provided feedback on the construction of a lab at the bank Crédit du Nord, which was an opportunity to share our expertise in the area of innovation. Innovation is now a core part of all corporate strategies. As Gary Shapiro said at the last CES in Las Vegas, "every company today is, or needs to be a tech company", where innovation is a powerful performance driver in an increasingly competitive market. 
29 October 2019/by Maxime Thubiere
travailler à distance

Knowing how to work remotely: a way to increase efficiency and create value

Many organisations still carry out their projects with the requirement of co-location (a team working at a single location). They are gradually realising that this involves significant risk. Let us look at how to avoid this risk and make geographical distance an asset. 
22 October 2019/by Renaud Ferly
Ibm summit

Digital transformation – The latest trends from the IBM Think Summit Paris 2019

IBM Think Summit events are the largest IBM global conferences in cities across the world focusing on the innovative technologies at the service of enterprises.
17 October 2019/by Anastasia Lisitskaya

[INFOGRAPHIC] 6 tips to make your CMS project a sure-fire success

Have you been tasked with the very important mission of deploying a new CMS? Our experts share their 6 top tips.
16 October 2019/by SQLI
Voici venu le temps du VEO

The age of SEO is over: now is the time of VEO

Always on the lookout for new information, consumers are increasingly using their smartphones and other smart devices such as smart speakers. They give brands access to a history of searches that includes all products consulted. Algorithms then take over to generate recommendations and influence purchasing decisions. Here is a look back at the past to understand the transition underway between the age of SEO and that of VEO (Voice Engine Optimisation).
15 October 2019/by Frederik Claessens

[Checklist] Omnichannel: 7 tips for an effective IT organisation

Companies with a website and mobile app are increasingly looking to homogenise the two channels in order to offer service continuity and optimize development costs.
11 October 2019/by SQLI
Agile digital agency transformation in practice

The agile digital agency: transformation in practice

“The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time” - is what Jeff Sutherland, one of the leading authorities on Scrum, promises in his book of the same name. What a promise for agencies, which are used to continually working at the limit! This is why pioneers in the agency sector have already been focusing on Scrum and Kanban for a few years and, in the meantime, agile transformation has become a fact of everyday life within agencies. 
8 October 2019/by OSUDIO
Agile digital agency fit for the future

The agile digital agency: fit for the future

To adhere to deadlines and budgets and keep clients happy despite all this, efficient project management is an absolute must. The challenge: in the wake of digitisation, conventional agency project management frequently reaches its limits. Caught between the increasingly rapid progress of technology, constantly changing customer expectations and global competitive pressure, digital agencies are really feeling the full force of this development. 
1 October 2019/by OSUDIO
e-commerce vs points de vente duel annoncé

E-commerce vs points of sale: an inevitable head-to-head?

Despite digital’s undisputable progress in every area of everyday life, including commerce, it’s undeniable that 90% of retail sales revenue in France is still generated at points of sale.Many people reckon that e-commerce has overtaken traditional sales channels.
24 September 2019/by David Bolender

[SUCCESS STORY] SEB GROUP: on the road to digital

How to remain a leader on your international market and create a privileged relationship with consumers and your network of distributors?
To meet these objectives, Seb wanted to build an e-commerce system to serve the user experience, while enhancing product branding.
19 September 2019/by SQLI
Projet Pierre Fabre

[SUCCESS STORY] A new corporate website for Pierre Fabre

Pierre Fabre, an international pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetics group, has set up in 2019 a new modern corporate website, offering new features that are essential to reflecting a modern group. The aim : enhance communication, employer branding and the user relationship, in France and overseas.
18 September 2019/by SQLI
Projet La Parisienne Assurances

[SUCCESS STORY] LA PARISIENNE ASSURANCES accelerates the marketing of its bespoke products

La Parisienne Assurances selected SQLI to digitalise the design of its bespoke insurance products. The new platform is intended as a response to performance and transparency issues, strengthening the relationship between the insurer and its partners.
18 September 2019/by SQLI
ecommerce skyrockets

Ecommerce's growth skyrockets. Are you ready for change?

“By 2037 ecommerce will overtake traditional commerce.” That’s the harsh reality according to Nielsen in their report “Future Opportunities in FMCG Ecommerce”. 2037 might seem like it’s still far off, but that is not the reality. Ecommerce is everyone’s highest priority and this report tells us that it will dominate even more in the years to come.  It’s time to start evaluating and reinvesting in your ecommerce solution so that you’ve done your fair share of optimising by 2037.
17 September 2019/by OSUDIO
Gouvernance technologique

FORBES - Eric Costechareyre: Govern technology to unify commerce

Guiding marketing and digital departments over the past five years, omnichannel has initiated the cultural transformation of retailers based on the customer experience and journey. It has also revealed the inability of many organisations to translate this seamless journey in terms of both technology and internal governance. Unified commerce is aimed at meeting this dual challenge, which has been left vacant by omnichannel, in order to offer a friction-free experience at last.   
12 September 2019/by Eric Costechareyre
maitriser problématiques d'intégration

Behind the scenes of unified commerce: 5 top tips to manage intersystem integration issues

Hidden behind the advent of unified commerce and the promise of a seamless customer journey lies a level of technological complexity that must be mastered to keep this commitment.  A digital commerce project involves a multitude of applications and technologies that need to communicate and be integrated effectively. In many cases, they need to be reworked by restructuring and repartitioning information.
10 September 2019/by Christian Neu

Viuz - Paul Camicas - Unified Commerce: it's all about catching attention!

8 seconds! Just 8 seconds! This is the estimated average attention span of the human brain, according to an American study conducted in 2015 - one second less than the attention span of a goldfish in a bowl! The idea behind this is to inform marketers of the attention people are liable to pay to digital communications, given the huge amount of commercial offers and various information they are bombarded with. While this figure is a subject of debate, the fact remains that brands need to demonstrate agility in order effectively interact with consumers. Unified commerce can be a valuable aid to catch their attention. 
5 September 2019/by Paul Camicas

How to leverage personalization to boost sales

Through these companies, today’s customers have higher expectations than ever. Personalization goes much further today than just slapping their name on an email opener and calling it quits.
5 September 2019/by OSUDIO
Avoid bad product

How to easily avoid bad product images

Imagine this: You’re in a crowded shopping centre. There are numerous clothing stores that line the hallways. But how do you decide which store you’ll enter? There are two options. Either you go to the store you know, out of habit, or you start checking out the clothes on mannequins in a shop window. The way those mannequins are dressed and posed will make you decide whether or not you want to have a look.
3 September 2019/by OSUDIO
Rich product data

Rich product data: when your suppliers hold your success in their hands

Today’s empowered consumers and B2B buyers expect rich quality product data before purchasing. So for many organisations, enriching their product data is vital to their e-commerce.
27 August 2019/by OSUDIO

Chatbots, tools to be treated with caution!

Chatbots are often seen as an easy solution to avoid overloading call centres. However, before setting one up, you need to ask yourself three key questions to decide whether a chatbot really is the right option.
13 August 2019/by Pierre-Antoine Person

[SUCCESS STORY] GENERALI : an omnichannel customer website

Generali France wanted to upgrade its customer portal and the website by adopting a more modern tool with a new interface.
23 July 2019/by SQLI

10 SEO essentials when publishing an article online

Writing for the web involves a number of SEO requirements, which must be borne in mind for any article. While there are very many criteria for an article to be well ranked by search engines, we have picked ten simple, but essential rules to follow!
16 July 2019/by Thomas Poulard

Do you speak NLP?

Anglophones communicate in English, francophones in French and hispanophones in Spanish. Humans use natural language to speak to each other, but how do they communicate with computers? Programming languages are reserved for an elite part of the population known as 'developers'.
9 July 2019/by Azzedine El Harim
Monolithe architecture microservices

Monolithic applications are not always inevitable. Micro-services architectures

The application in question is a 15-year-old monitoring application that is still developed in the same way but by a multitude of contributors, both internal and external.
4 July 2019/by Ulrich Marie
digital identity - omnichannel experience

Digital identity, an essential aspect of the omni-channel experience

In an omni-channel experience, where the notion of location is secondary to that of a fluid journey, identity management can fast become a stumbling block, and undermine the experience as a whole. As predicted by Scott Galloway, the way in which we define and validate our personal identity is a key issue this year. 
4 July 2019/by Maxime Thubiere

Customer experience: How personalised should your e-mail be?

After several attempts and a good dose of determination, I manage to place the order online all the same and the delivery is scheduled for a few days later.
In the end, I’m happy with my purchase, but my online customer experience was catastrophic.
2 July 2019/by Anne Schnepp
Vivatech hyper personalisation

VIVATECH 2019: hyper-personalisation and the taxi of the future

This 4th edition of the Viva Technology conference, which brought together no less than 124,000 visitors over a period of 3 days in Paris in May, put two technological issues in the limelight (thanks to the Cannes Film Festival!), namely hyper-personalisation (which was at the heart of all the new experiences on display) and the flying taxi.
28 June 2019/by Maxime Thubiere
writing for the web

Writing for the web: it's all about the process

In the collective unconscious, the image of a copywriter is similar to that of a writer. It goes something like this: a gifted individual retreats from the outside world to "write". He (or she) rises at a leisurely hour each morning, after a restful night's sleep. If inspiration does not strike, he goes on long walks in the countryside until it returns.
27 June 2019/by Jean-Marc Courtiade
Test utilisateur biométrie

Biometrics: a minor revolution in the world of user tests

If, like me, you are interested in biometrics and innovations in the area of UX Research, you may have come across a sensational news item regarding 'ear tracking': an ear micromovement analysis technology, said to be a potential game changer in the area of user tests.
25 June 2019/by Thomas Le Corvec

Your very own Karl Lagerfeld in your smartphone

Artificial intelligence can enable major progress in areas ranging from the military to education and health. e-commerce and fashion are no exception. We step into the shoes of a B2C user to see what kinds of challenges can be met with the use of AI.  
18 June 2019/by Azzedine El Harim
Mobile app web app

A mobile app at all costs ?

A few years on, attitudes have changed. Instead of asking "When can we release our app?" the question is "Do I need an app?" Given the required investment (acquiring and keeping users, corrections, etc., on both iOS and Android), it is a question that deserves careful consideration.
11 June 2019/by Eric Thean
Car drive

Is large-scale adoption of self-driving cars really just around the corner?

I watched a replay of the French TV show 'C dans l'air' last night. The topic of the day was: "Computer takes the steering wheel: one death" – a title referring to a fatal accident involving a test vehicle in the Uber fleet and a cyclist. While twenty or so players have invested massively in the development of driverless technology (such as Google, Tesla and Volvo), I wonder whether consumers are ready to adopt it on a large-scale. 
4 June 2019/by Evelyne Lelievre Matoux
Configuration produit en ecommerce

What is the role of product configuration in e-commerce?

A huge challenge for the e-commerce sector is product configuration, now making it possible for online retailers to provide a richer experience for their current and prospective customers. It goes beyond visual aspects (customisation), enabling customers to select the technical characteristics of their products.
30 May 2019/by SQLI
Réalité augmentée

Augmented reality in everyday life

Augmented reality is often lumped together with virtual reality, however this technology has already been around for a while! It appeared in 2006/2011 with the arrival of holographic simulations in fashion, in particular on catwalks.
28 May 2019/by Guillaume Sanchez
Experience digitale phygital

Phygital: How digital is transforming traditional stores and the customer journey

This is what is observed in certain markets, such as the automotive market.
21 May 2019/by SQLI

[ebook] Designing a user-centric website

This guide will show you how to integrate consumer and user interests as a core aspect of your digital presence.
16 May 2019/by SQLI

Venmo: the fintech that is making American banks sit up and take notice

The favourite money-sending app among millennials is as widely adopted as Google and Uber. When people eat out, they no longer say: "Pay me back"; they say: "Venmo me".
9 May 2019/by Lab New York
UX everybody's business

UX: everybody’s business!

Reconciling agility and UX methods is a vast subject that’s been widely discussed online for many years. Last October Jeff Gothelf (author of Lean UX) published the article “Here is how UX design integrates with Agile and Scrum “, in which he suggested an Agile UX framework. He also underlined that the approach cannot succeed without there being a dedicated designer on the Scrum team. 
7 May 2019/by Emilie Faffe

Constraints are the mothers of imagination and creativity

"Because the form is restrictive, the idea bursts forth all the more intensely!" Charles Baudelaire

The very first book that made me want to read was The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The magic I found in this story was related to the idea of imagination, the beauty of interpretation and the creativity that they could produce. 
2 May 2019/by Amandine Bargain
Marché de l'occasion

Fashion and luxury goods giants get in on second-hand goods

One of the big current trends in the US is the growth of the second-hand goods market, both online and in-store. The resale of top-of-the-range fashion and luxury goods is really booming in this market. Most brands didn’t see this trend coming, and sites such as ThredUp, TheRealReal, Poshmark and many others attract these brands’ consumers.
30 April 2019/by Lab New York
Futur cupcake

7 trends shaping the future of retail stores

Many innovative brands today can give us insights into what tomorrow’s brick and mortar stores will look like. This will involve a lot more tech and offer a range of new instore experiences for shoppers.
23 April 2019/by SQLI

Omnichannel and the challenge of consumer attention

Brands have entered the age of unified commerce. This is an age in which the idea of place is less important than that of the customer journey.
18 April 2019/by Didier Fauque
Dirty lemon

Dirty Lemon: water bottles you can buy via SMS

Its strength: customer data gathered to constantly improve the product and build the trust of its community. Its innovation: a cashier-less store where customers pay via SMS.
16 April 2019/by Lab New York

Tackling performance: human or technical challenges?

 The issue of performance is crucial in the world of e-commerce. Failing to effectively deal with this issue can endanger a project. 
11 April 2019/by Alain Janin Manificat
E-commerce internationalisation

Successfully localising an e-commerce website

In addition to language, currency and the product catalogue, many aspects need to be determined in order to localise an e-commerce website.
9 April 2019/by SQLI
e-commerce vs points de vente duel annoncé

[WHITE PAPER] Digital in store: How tablets for Sales staff enhance the customer experience

 The barrier between online and offline shopping is becoming blurred, customers are becoming more demanding and competition is rife.  
4 April 2019/by SQLI

[Ebook] What will the web of the future look like?

Expectations of the consumers have dramatically changed those last years. Brands need to develop a new approach, which takes into account the human factor.
2 April 2019/by SQLI
Omnichannel strategy

Applying an omnichannel strategy within the framework of the 'experience economy': why do consumers want experiences and how can companies provide them?

Retailers can no longer content themselves with providing products and information.
2 April 2019/by SQLI
Ensemble... pour mieux grandir

Working together… to grow better!

In this article I would like to talk about growth. Not economic growth or that of our children, but rather the ability of a self-organising team to grow collectively. 
26 March 2019/by Julien Louisy
HR digitalisation

HR and digital transformation in the banking sector… friends or enemies?

When we talk about digitalisation of the banking sector, it is worth remembering that a profound cultural change is taking place amongst long-standing players.
19 March 2019/by Alix Howard
intelligence gathering 5 steps

Improve your intelligence gathering in 5 steps

Educating yourself, increasing your knowledge, recognising the latest trends and, more generally, cultivating curiosity are all skills that can be honed by daily intelligence gathering.
12 March 2019/by Guillaume LE MOAL

[CHECKLIST] Drive traffic to your website in five stages

The aim of this document is to give you the keys to a successful traffic generation strategy and offer you insights into its different stages
7 March 2019/by SQLI
Image insta

The instagrammable store: the promise of a differentiating customer experience

The previous purpose of stores was to stock and sell products. In the digital age, this is no longer enough
5 March 2019/by Lab New York
Ten dos and don'ts for effective change management

Ten dos and don'ts for effective change management 

When adapting to a new business model, organisations need to evolve to meet new needs.
28 February 2019/by Clémence DE CAZENOVE
Data - cadre

Implementing PIM

One key element in all of this, is product data management. When B2B organizations realize they‘ll need a Product Information Management (PIM) system, they’ll come across numerous new challenges.
21 February 2019/by SQLI

The Internet of Things is revolutionising retail

The adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the retail sector is expanding rapidly. This demonstrates a constant need to increase customer loyalty and offer an optimal in-store experience.
19 February 2019/by Lab New York
Checklist pim 5 raisons se pencher sur infos produits-sqli

[CHECKLIST] 5 reasons for getting your product information straight

Product Information Management (PIM) solutions are there to help you deliver the right information to the right customer, via the right channel.
15 February 2019/by SQLI

The Keys to E-Commerce Success: Business Focus and Product Data Quality

But when we start talking about product data quality, the attention tends to drop. Who really wants to be talking about data quality and data management? So let’s talk shop first. 
14 February 2019/by Manfred Kutz
Writing on the web

Writing for the web: it's all about the process 

Need to write blog articles, but don't know where to start? Is the fear of a blank page coming back to haunt you from your student days?
5 February 2019/by Jean-Marc Courtiade
Visuel marketing design

Marketing design serving business performance

Design can put across a brand's values, positioning and strategy without using words. Things like visual identity, the logo and product design are basic elements of a brand's image and they lastingly enter peoples' consciousness as clear markers of brand recognition. 
22 January 2019/by Vanessa Goetgheluck
Ces 2019 get ready

SQLI Lab analysis: CES 2019 – new trends confirmed

The 2019 edition of CES took place against a background of strained economic relations between East and West.
17 January 2019/by Maxime Thubiere
folie shopping americain

Thanksgiving and Black Friday: A look back at the online shopping madness

“Thanksgiving”, “Black Friday”, “Small Business Saturday” and “Cyber Monday” are the key words of the period starting on the 4th Thursday in November every year.
17 January 2019/by Lab New York

SQLI Lab @Retail’s Big Show – NRF 2019

Retail’s Big Show, located in New-York and organized by the National Retail Federation, is the biggest marketplace for discovering solutions to reimagining retail and also offers retailers opportunities and leads.
16 January 2019/by SQLI
Visuel finance agile

Is the World of Finance Ready to Embrace Agility?

Once upon a time, financial regulation and Agility were two separate worlds that did not naturally mingle well.
27 December 2018/by Xavier Brec
Popup store

Pop-up stores: the new “happening” tool for brands

Pop-up stores are temporary retail outlets, which are opened by brands to launch a product or stage an event.
20 December 2018/by Lab New York

Quality assurance: feeling unloved...

Nowadays, quality assurance is present in many of our activities. It is used to reduce the number of non-compliant products and accordingly secure production in accordance with specifications and initial scheduling.
18 December 2018/by SQLI

Pocket pharmacy: 3 up-and-coming concepts in the US

A number of start-ups are developing mobile solutions to totally transform the processes to exchange information with healthcare professionals and drug delivery processes.
11 December 2018/by Lab New York
Visuel retail ai

How are retailers benefiting from artificial intelligence?

Not all retailers use it due to the high costs of this still-young technology. Nevertheless, the biggest brands are actively developing AI tools.
4 December 2018/by Lab New York
Tendance retail 2019

What US in-store trends will we see in 2019?

2019 is set to be a fascinating year, and though the year is far from finished, here are a few trends spotted by the SQLI Lab for next year in mass retail and stores.
27 November 2018/by Lab New York
Successful digital strategy 5

A successful digital strategy #5: omnichannel – from dream to reality

Due to the growing number of touch points, it is becoming more and more difficult for providers not to lose customers along their journey.
20 November 2018/by SQLI
Successful digital strategy4

A successful digital strategy #4: Top 5 Technology Trends in e-commerce

We are now going to consider what kinds of technology underpin new offers and business models. Only those who recognise and prioritise the potential of innovative technology trends will be able to use them for their own processes.
13 November 2018/by SQLI

The future of e-commerce websites

Innovations in the e-commerce sector are taking place at a pace that we have never witnessed before. The following changes, some of which have already been adopted by e-commerce merchants, can be expected within the next few years.
6 November 2018/by SQLI
Co-branded credit card

Co-branded credit cards: a new trend for brands

Co-branded credit cards have become extremely popular in the United States. Before, these cards were mainly provided by airlines and hotel chains. Today, brands such as Amazon, Apple, Walmart and Uber have their own credit cards.
1 November 2018/by SQLI
A successful digital strategy 2

A successful digital strategy #2: Close contact with your customers

What is the recipe for the success of these digital champions? What is the common denominator of their digital strategies? The answer found in the study: All successful digitisers focus consistently and radically on customers.
30 October 2018/by SQLI

WSAI 2018 - Amsterdam - The Age of AI Innovation

After 2 days spent in Amsterdam, for the 2nd edition of the World Summit AI, the Lab @SQLI gives you an overview of the conferences along with some interesting insights.
25 October 2018/by Maxime Thubiere
Drive traffic website

Key Criteria for choosing the right e-commerce platform

For those organisations considering moving to a new platform, apart from the obvious arguments such as budget or the “three second or less” rule for page loads, there are other important elements to bear in mind when choosing an e-commerce solution
23 October 2018/by Jane Irwin
A successful digital strategy 1

A successful digital strategy #1: Time is of the essence!

Have you recognised the need to digitise your company? Great news if you have, that means that you are a step ahead of many of your competitors! But which digital strategy promises success? How do you combine your digital projects and how do you guarantee that all areas of your firm are working towards a common goal?
18 October 2018/by SQLI
Infographic ux ecommerce

[INFOGRAPHIC] 7 tips to improve the UX design of your e-commerce website

Focusing on the UX Design of your e-commerce website is key to attracting consumers and gaining their loyalty. Check out our infographic for advice from an experienced UX designer and find out how to  build a real “customer-centric” e-commerce website.
16 October 2018/by SQLI

How is omnichannel banking taking shape?

Customer expectations in terms of banking services are changing in light of the experiences offered by online banks. Most banking establishments are now realising that they must improve the supply of financial services on digital channels in order to keep up with tech companies
11 October 2018/by SQLI
ia and scrum

Artificial intelligence in the service of Scrum 

26% of software development companies state that half of their projects deviate from their objectives in terms of costs, deadlines or scope by more than 15%. This is the result of poor collaboration and a lack of understanding of the method.   
9 October 2018/by SQLI

[CHECKLIST] 8 key stages for successful international e-commerce deployment

Deploying an e-commerce strategy internationally is no mean feat.…
4 October 2018/by SQLI

The store at the heart of the omnichannel approach

Omnichannel commerce is a modern retail approach that focuses on the development of a coherent user experience at each online and offline point of contact with the retailer.
2 October 2018/by SQLI
equilibre H/F

When can we expect to see gender balance in digital professions?

It's no secret that stereotypes die hard. All too often, boys are told they should pursue careers in technology, while girls are encouraged to consider female-dominated industries.
27 September 2018/by SQLI
Cx the new heroine

Customer Experience - the real heroine of your organisation

Back in the day, there were shops and there were customers. We bought, sold, haggled and talked. We tried and tested products while physical mail kept us connected. We all used “Dear Sir” and “Dear Madam” until the telephone arrived. Then we dialled, talked and received calls from people we couldn’t see.  
25 September 2018/by Niraj Teeluck
Digital accessibility

The next accessibility train is arriving at the station

The main accessibility rule to bear in mind, which also holds true for ergonomics, is that whoever the person is and whatever their gender, environment, IT equipment, impairments and related assistance technologies, they must have access to the same content as everybody else.  
20 September 2018/by SQLI

Phygital: a combined online approach 

The aim of the 'phygital' concept is to reunite these two approaches, which are mutually beneficial and in no way at odds with each other. In this article, we discuss the benefits of adopting a phygital strategy.   
18 September 2018/by SQLI
Banques américaines

What Tactics Are US Banks Adopting to Attract Millennials Into Their Branches?

Millennials are the target market that the vast majority of firms are most focused on. In the US, financial institutions are showing great imagination to attract these customers into their branches for commercial purposes. So, how do they try to win over this particularly demanding group?

Here are a few examples of initiatives introduced to attract more customers into branches.
30 August 2018/by SQLI

Loyalty: turn your customer into a partner

Picture the scene: it's Monday 2 January at 6 p.m. and the Board meeting has just ended. Everybody shakes hands, looking drained, not from the alcohol fumes still hanging in the air from their full-on New Year celebrations, but rather their epic 6-hour meeting with shareholders. The Chairman pops his head round your office door to warn you: "You've got a year to double your turnover and your budget's being slashed by 80%. We're counting on you to do it... Happy New Year!"

Time to panic?
No way! There's just one single solution: DEVELOPING LOYALTY.
28 August 2018/by SQLI
marketing humain

Human marketing: putting the emotion and authenticity of customer relationships back at the heart of brand preference

At a time when the focus is on data and AI, putting people back at the heart of corporate values is more essential than ever. Why are human, interpersonal, emotional and authentic relationships key for companies? In what way is the human connection the true differentiating factor for brands today?
28 August 2018/by SQLI
Cas utilisation blockchain

A few practical examples of the use of blockchain in our daily lives

Blockchain is one of the biggest buzzwords right now. Blockchain is an advanced technology that already has vast implications, transforming not only financial services, but also other fields of business.  
24 July 2018/by SQLI
Fintech bourse

3 examples of how fintech is changing the face of stock market investment

In order to further democratise direct investment, many fintech start-ups have sprung up with the aim of helping individuals to save without going through a bank and investing in businesses and/or crypto-currencies. 
19 July 2018/by SQLI
Santé et start up

Start-ups shaking up the US healthcare sector

Most health insurance in the US is private. Since 1950, US household healthcare expenses have increased fivefold. With more than $10,000 in expenditure per year and per person, this very juicy market inevitably attracts innovators and start-ups. SQLI Lab identified 3 firms to follow.
17 July 2018/by SQLI

6 steps to level-up your gamification skills

Gamification is all about putting the user (or rather the player) at the centre of the business process design to transform every task, every action into an experience that is both engaging and... fun! Gamification can be used internally, to facilitate communication and knowledge management or for fostering collaboration.
9 July 2018/by SQLI
unified commerce

[EBOOK] Unified commerce: connect all your channels for a seamless customer experience

According to Boston Retail Partners “unified commerce places the customer experience as priority by leveraging a single commerce platform”. Such a solution eliminates internal channels that operate in silos.
22 June 2018/by SQLI

[WHITE PAPER] Customer engagement

Really engaging with your customers means understanding them and having a really close relationship with them at each stage.
9 January 2018/by SQLI
Apicil - Application mobile


The application is both ergonomic and aesthetic and offers a wealth of features so that APICIL customers can manage their account on their smartphone.
Techbook: SAP BI 4 - Evolution Continues

Techbook: SAP BI 4 - Evolution Continues

BI en self-service, outils de datavizualisation, usage omnicanal... vous découvrirez les nouvelles fonctionnalités adaptées aux problématiques des entreprises.
4 September 2015/by SQLI
Le Big Data, une réponse à la fraude ?

Big Data - a solution to fraud?

Big Data and data analysis are powerful weapons for fighting financial abuse, insurance fraud or false claims.
1 June 2015/by SQLI
Nouvelle solution de CRM Mobile pour Becton Dickinson

Case Study: Mobile CRM solution for Becton Dickinson

Becton Dickinson adopted a European CRM Mobile application called Axon project.
14 April 2015/by SQLI

The Hackathon phenomenon

Outil idéal pour doper l’innovation en entreprise
6 March 2015/by SQLI
Les solutions marketing en plein boom

Marketing solutions are booming

Marketing technologies are maturing and major publishers are beginning to show interest.
18 February 2015/by SQLI
Le Chief Digital Officer

The Chief Digital Officer

A passing fad or a key player in digital transformation?
12 February 2015/by SQLI
Les 10 digital gurus qu'il faut suivre en 2015

Digital trends 2015

A satirical and subjective directory of gurus & digital trends in 2015
4 February 2015/by SQLI
Wat-Book, une application tablette B2B IOS certified, à destination des commerciaux Waterair.


hackathon app

La Compagnies des Alpes - Hackaton Val d'Isère


Watbook: the sales assistance application for Waterair

Waterair, the leader in pool kit sales, wanted to equip the 120…
30 October 2014/by SQLI
La mobilité en entreprise

White paper : boosting company productivity thanks to mobile devices

SPIR Communication : CRM equipment for travelling sales…
6 October 2014/by SQLI
Votre entreprise est-elle mobile ready ?

Is your company mobile ready?

Because users are increasingly equipped and productivity-oriented…
30 June 2014/by SQLI
Pleins feux sur SharePoint version 2013

Spotlight on SharePoint version 2013

Every two or three years, Microsoft redefines the standards of…
27 May 2014/by SQLI
Un magasin connecté

A connected store is not limited to a touch screen

The connected store revolution has been under way for a few years…
6 September 2012/by SQLI