Voici venu le temps du VEO

The age of SEO is over: now is the time of VEO

Always on the lookout for new information, consumers are increasingly using their smartphones and other smart devices such as smart speakers. They give brands access to a history of searches that includes all products consulted. Algorithms then take over to generate recommendations and influence purchasing decisions. Here is a look back at the past to understand the transition underway between the age of SEO and that of VEO (Voice Engine Optimisation).
Agile digital agency transformation in practice

The agile digital agency: transformation in practice

“The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time” - is what Jeff Sutherland, one of the leading authorities on Scrum, promises in his book of the same name. What a promise for agencies, which are used to continually working at the limit! This is why pioneers in the agency sector have already been focusing on Scrum and Kanban for a few years and, in the meantime, agile transformation has become a fact of everyday life within agencies. 
Agile digital agency fit for the future

The agile digital agency: fit for the future

To adhere to deadlines and budgets and keep clients happy despite all this, efficient project management is an absolute must. The challenge: in the wake of digitisation, conventional agency project management frequently reaches its limits. Caught between the increasingly rapid progress of technology, constantly changing customer expectations and global competitive pressure, digital agencies are really feeling the full force of this development. 

[SUCCESS STORY] SEB GROUP: on the road to digital

How to remain a leader on your international market and create a privileged relationship with consumers and your network of distributors? To meet these objectives, Seb wanted to build an e-commerce system to serve the user experience, while enhancing product branding.