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A mobile app at all costs ?

A few years on, attitudes have changed. Instead of asking "When can we release our app?" the question is "Do I need an app?" Given the required investment (acquiring and keeping users, corrections, etc., on both iOS and Android), it is a question that deserves careful consideration.
Car drive

Is large-scale adoption of self-driving cars really just around the corner?

I watched a replay of the French TV show 'C dans l'air' last night. The topic of the day was: "Computer takes the steering wheel: one death" – a title referring to a fatal accident involving a test vehicle in the Uber fleet and a cyclist. While twenty or so players have invested massively in the development of driverless technology (such as Google, Tesla and Volvo), I wonder whether consumers are ready to adopt it on a large-scale. 
Configuration produit en ecommerce

What is the role of product configuration in e-commerce?

A huge challenge for the e-commerce sector is product configuration, now making it possible for online retailers to provide a richer experience for their current and prospective customers. It goes beyond visual aspects (customisation), enabling customers to select the technical characteristics of their products.
Réalité augmentée

Augmented reality in everyday life

Augmented reality is often lumped together with virtual reality, however this technology has already been around for a while! It appeared in 2006/2011 with the arrival of holographic simulations in fashion, in particular on catwalks.

UX: everybody’s business!

Reconciling agility and UX methods is a vast subject that’s been widely discussed online for many years. Last October Jeff Gothelf (author of Lean UX) published the article “Here is how UX design integrates with Agile and Scrum “, in which he suggested an Agile UX framework. He also underlined that the approach cannot succeed without there being a dedicated designer on the Scrum team. 

Constraints are the mothers of imagination and creativity

"Because the form is restrictive, the idea bursts forth all the more intensely!" Charles Baudelaire The very first book that made me want to read was The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The magic I found in this story was related to the idea of imagination, the beauty of interpretation and the creativity that they could produce.