White Paper: Digital banking, overcoming disintermediation

Will B2B partner ecosystems save the banks?

The increasing weight of financial intermediaries must be encouraging banks to consider them as allies rather than competitors.

Distribution departments, partnership departments and even business departments can discover how digital makes it possible to rebuild a win-win B2B relationship model.

Becoming the Preferred Partner of intermediaries means:

  • Sharing information about the end customer,
  • Providing instant integration of the financial product when the sale takes place,
  • Refocusing negotiations with partners on advice,
  • Improving the commercial performance of intermediaries.

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  • White Paper : Digital banking - Overcoming disintermediation
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Laurent Cornu

A bank which offers, in addition to the back office services, advice and assistance tailored to the distributors/partners chosen, and all with a strong dose of innovation.

Laurent CornuFinancial Services Sector Leader

Financial intermediaries’ shares of the market reach 20 – 50%

Financial intermediaries’ shares of the market reach 20 - 50%Among other things the MiFID II regulations provide for the abolition of handovers of commissions for independent intermediaries and those managing mandates (except to justify an improvement in the end customer’s service) will accelerate the development of business models by encouraging certain intermediaries to offer online services, invest in personalised advice and even imagine additional new services.

What approach should be adopted to innovate?

What approach should be adopted to innovate?How can relations with the partners who benefit from the inputs of digital be transformed? With an approach to innovation which, in a very short period of time and in the form of workshops, makes it possible to highlight the sensitive and irritating processes in customer journeys and suggest the technologies, features and ergonomics for applications to be implemented.

Two types of innovative B2B partnerships

Two types of innovative B2B partnershipsThose that are already essential (the industrial partnerships) and those that are becoming essential as a result of a change in demand and/or practices, such as recourse to financial product intermediaries that help the customer to make the right choice. It is this second category of partners that should not be minimised.