White Paper: values and Uses connected objects

The enthusiasm surrounding connected objects : reality or fantasies?

Today, connected objects have become a reality. Although the market is still in its infancy, experts estimates are absolutely gigantic. Companies have seized these technologies and uses are already in place.

In this White Paper dedicated to connected objects and the IoT, you will discover many existing devices based on these technologies:

  • The connected watch
  • Secure & smart houses
  • E-health
  • Connected car
  • Bankers and insurers, are the pioneers with communicating objects
  • Company connected

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billion connected objects
in the world by 2020

Benjamin Thomas

The diagnostic socket could be the Trojan horse of the connected car.

Benjamin ThomasA consultant at SQLI Group’s Innovation Lab

Connected car: focus on the «diagnostic» connector

Voiture connectéeCar manufacturers have understood this for many years now. One of the values in the automobile industry will gradually migrate over to using data related to the vehicle and the driver and in services that will be created using this data. This strategy is understandable from their point of view. They want to position themselves at the top of the value chain in terms of representing the future of their industry. But many factors will challenge the established order and make it possible for new players to establish themselves.

Bankers and insurers reinvent their business

Montre connectée banqueGartner believes that the health, insurance and banking sectors will be the pioneers with communicating object concepts and their applications. Tracking your accounts on your connected watch, submitting a claim via smart glasses or even paying for your purchases by simply passing part of your suit in front of a payment terminal, will perhaps no longer be fiction for very long. Initiatives related to connected objects in banking and insurance are proliferating. Let’s get an overview of what awaits us.

SNCF innovates with connected objects

A Google Glass App for inspectors

La SNCF innove avec les objets connectés« It was important to develop a first test case using the connected glasses so that we could better understand their capabilities before they are made widely available. We wanted to show the services that this new type of equipment could offer, and see how it could change inspection operations. » – Alexandre SOCHACKI – InnovActor IT Department Voyageurs SNCF