SQLI sponsor of BDX 1/0

This day of lectures for developers on the technologies of tomorrow will take place during Bordeaux Digital Week at ENSEIRB.

Recruitment and sharing experiences will also be on the agenda at the SQLI stand where attendees at BDX.IO will be able to meet our Head of recruitment, Béatrice Fichera, and our Innovative Service Center experts in Bordeaux.

Our experts in action!

  • Mehdi Rebiai – SQLI Technical Architect – will speak at the ‘I code my documents’ talk – 1.35 p.m.
  • Jean-François Garreau – SQLI Innovation Expert Consultant – will give a lecture on the following theme: ‘Let’s revolutionise information sharing in the browser with WebRTC’ – 2.00 p.m.

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B2B Marketplace lecture by SQLI and Mirakl

Monday 21 September 2015 – the first big day back this autumn for all the e-commerce professionals who have arranged to meet on 21, 22 and 23 September at the E-Commerce Paris 2015 event (Porte de Versailles). It is an opportunity for SQLI to demonstrate its expertise and give a lecture on the first day in partnership with Mirakl on a key subject this autumn: MarketPlaces.

It is 5.15 p.m. and the room is beginning to fill up. There are round 40 people, and the speakers and host are having their last rehearsal.

Kamel Tansaout, Continental Europe Commercial Director at MIRAKL, and Eric Costechareyre, Connected Commerce Manager at SQLI, are hosting this Marketplaces lecture with a focus on the B2B market.

What opportunities does opening your own Marketplace offer? Even before talking about solutions, Kamel reminds everyone about the context and the issues connected with it. What is a Marketplace? It is connecting buyers and sellers of goods and/or services through a secure space, made available by a third-party operator.

Yes, marketplaces are changing the world. You no longer need to have a permanent stock of products. It is a commission-based system which makes the marketplace the most profitable e-commerce platform that can exist. Kamel illustrates this very well with a few examples from the news:

  • Über, which has the largest fleet of taxis without owning a single vehicle.
  • Alibaba.com, the most profitable retailer which has no stock.
  • Airbnb, without owning any real estate assets, is the number 1 for accommodation. Airbnb needed just 4 years to be in a position to offer 650,000 rooms in 192 countries, compared with Hilton which took 93 years to build 610,000 rooms in 88 countries.
  • Amazon.com, which sells more than 1 billion products on its marketplace.

More products, more customers, more suppliers, more income and more profits thanks to the commission system. This is what a marketplace PROMISES.

Why a B2B Marketplace?

Now companies will work with operators such as Cdiscount, Amazon, Fnac, and IKEA for BtoB supplies because it is easier. They no longer use the traditional B2B channels like catalogues, classic e-commerce websites, etc.

Marketplaces have redefined the standards of the online buying experience and this phenomenon also affects the professional buyers for major accounts.

According to a survey conducted by Forrester, the most important buying criteria in the eyes of professionals are:

  • Comparing prices
  • Having a broader selection of products and services
  • Having a better B2B customer service
  • Customer ratings and comments

All of these criteria are fulfilled in a marketplace.

Creating your marketplace will make it possible:

– to change scale in terms of product listing:

  • No more stock required and no logistics
  • A great deal of flexibility in the listing and setting of prices
  • Risk-free product testing
  • Attractiveness and profitability of the e-commerce website

– to increase income and improve margins with a commission + subscriptions (rent paid by the retailer) model.

– to optimise resources (management of suppliers, procurement teams).

How to a successful marketplace project?

Kamel has set the scene and we are all convinced that the marketplace is a real lever for business growth.

However, to ensure that a marketplace is relevant and a success you need to proceed with a robust methodology, as Eric says.
A marketplace project will have an impact on a lot of departments within a company: sales, marketing, communication, IT and senior management.

Coordinating all of these groups will be key in successfully completing the project.

With an existing front-office, e-commerce platform, CRM, PIM/Catalogue, or online payment, it is important to know that the marketplace will bring functional components to the ‘operator’s’ back office which will enable it to administer sellers accepted on the platform and manage the platform itself.

A ‘sellers’ back-office module will enable the new retailer to have a management interface for their activities.

The Mirakl solution offers all of these modules specific to the marketplace. It will then connect to the existing system to manage sellers, offers, manage commissions, and enrich the PIM/Product catalogue.

Using the Mirakl solution, it will take an average of 6 months to complete the project.

In summary, the key factors for success according to Eric are:

  • Support from the highest level of the company’s management
  • A strong project team (available and legitimate) in terms of project ownership and the coordination of the many parties involved
  • Clearly defining your product/price/services strategy
  • Good coordination of those involved (internal and external)
  • The standardisation of ‘product data’
  • Progressive roll-out of your marketplace: put the model in place quickly and fine-tune it iteratively.

And above all do not wait until the end of the project to launch seller recruitment campaigns (a key point for a successful marketplace).

Go further with our practical guide addressing the key players in these companies those companies that wish to apply the model of the marketplace to their context :

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SiDo: SQLI Enterprise will be present!


SQLI will be attending the first SIDO (Salon Internet Des Objets – IoT Exhibition) event on the 7th and 8th of April 2015 at Cité Internationale in Lyon.

A national professional event where start-ups, industrialists, technology providers, digital players, research laboratories, investors, designers, entrepreneurs, communities and media can meet to explore the Internet of Things and help it become part of the new economy.

At the event, you can hear Lionel Mathieu (Innovation Manager at SQLI) speak on the topic of “How companies will transform the customer experience with the Internet of Things“, on Wednesday the 8th of April 2015, from 10.45 to 11.30 am.

This conference will discuss the uses that can be made of new connected objects in business and professional environments, and open up the prospect of a new business model for this rapidly growing market.

Meet us at the “A” Co-Working area and try out our digital systems designed for professionals: connected watches, Beacon, Oculus Rift, Leap Motion, predictive maintenance solutions (BlueMix & Maximo), 2D/3D cameras, and more.


Three SQLI conferences at Devoxx 2015

SQLI is taking part in the fourth edition of Devoxx, which will be held from the 8th to the 10th of April at the Palais des Congrès in Paris. An essential event for developers, who will attend dozens of presentations, practical workshops and in-depth sessions over the course of this three-day event.

3 experts, 3 conferences

Three SQLI Group experts will be speaking at DEVOXX 2015:

  • Antoine Richard (Web Architect – SQLI Nantes) will present the session “Modularisation of AngularJS applications with Browserify”. This live-coding session will be an opportunity to present the benefits of “Node.js-style” modularisation of an AngularJS application.
    Wednesday 8 April: 5.10 – 5.40 pm
  • Jean-François Garreau (Expert in Android Technologies and Connected objects – SQLI Nantes) will present the “Chrome” DevTool and will demonstrate how this browser can help optimise sites and applications.
    Thursday 9 April: 6.45 – 7.15 pm
  • Philippe Charrière (Technical Manager – SQLI Lyon) will present a conference on the “Internet of Things” (IoT).
    Friday 10 April: 1 – 1.50 pm

«Devoxx France is an unmissable event in our developers’ calendars. It is one of the few French gatherings which offers such a wealth of content: we come to see what the future holds! But Devoxx France is also the ideal opportunity to put the world to rights over a drink!” – Antoine Richard, Web Architect, SQLI Nantes.», Antoine Richard, Web Architect, SQLI Nantes.

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SQLI Enterprise is a Gold sponsor of Scrumday 2015

Within the framework of its sponsorship of the 2015 Scrum User Group, SQLI Enterprise will once again attend this major Agile / Scrum community event to be held on the 2nd and 3rd of April at Disneyland Paris (in the Hotel New York conference centre).

More than 700 participants are expected at this year’s event, which will be organised into 9 sub-themes based on the general theme, which is “ScrumCorp: beyond teams”.

SQLI, a benchmark partner in the definition, implementation and steering of digital transformation, offers a tried-and-tested approach that uses Agility to speed up the efficiency and effectiveness of your projects and teams.
Come to our booth to:

  • Meet our Agile coaches, Scrum Master and Product Owner. They will be delighted to answer your questions and queries, as well as to introduce our training sessions and support services.
  • Participate in our competition “Test your agility” for a chance to win a Scrum Master or Product Owner training session.

Pratical informations

  • Find out more, prices and signing up
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The Internet of Things: user experience and new usages for professionals

Connected objects such as glasses, watches, robotics and smart beacons are currently revolutionising the user experience.

But how can the “gadget effect” be avoided?

Reap the benefits from connected objects by identifying innovative uses and experiment with practical field applications through the establishment of a PoC*.

With expertise in monitoring the development of new technological trends, SQLI Nantes looks forward to welcoming you at its special “Internet of Things” breakfast meeting. It will be a great opportunity to present case studies for professional users.

With your smartphone, you can try out some original digital systems that have been set up on the premises of SQLI Nantes.

*Proof Of Concept
**Internet Of Things


  • 8.45 – 9.00 am: welcome, coffee
  • 9.15 – 9.45 am:
    • Presentation of IoT**: what is it all about?
    • IoT is happening now!
    • SQLI Nantes by your side
    • Case studies
  • 9.45 – 11.00 am: Experiment with our digital systems: Arduino, Google Glass, Leap Motion, etc.
  • 11H00 – Debriefing

Retailers: new customer experiences and the digital transformation of your points of sale

SQLI and Apple, with the participation of Echangeur by LaSer*, look forward to presenting you with the latest trends of the store of the future at a breakfast meeting on the 27th of March.

No! Physical stores are not dead!

But they need to change to meet customers’ new expectations. More than 76%** of sales transactions currently still take place in a physical point of sale. However, digital consumers are increasingly connected and expect personalised, added-value services from their stores. Bring customer relationships into the new digital era with the latest Apple technologies.

With your smartphone, come and try out some original digital systems for the store of the future, installed by the SQLI LAB in Apple’s Briefing Center.

* The technological and marketing innovation centre specialised in customer relationships.
** Source: POPAI Global

Things you will learn about

  • Trends, current challenges and innovations in the cross-channel customer journey
  • Practical examples and testimonials from companies who are reinventing their customer approach through digital means
  • An interactive journey and connected demonstrations
  • An interactive journey and connected demos


  • 8.45 – 9 am: welcome, coffee
  • 9 – 9.15 am: introduction – Apple and iOS in corporate environments
  • 9.15 – 9.45 am: SQLI LAB – The digitalisation of points of sale
  • 9.45 – 10.15 am: Echangeur by LaSer – feedback on Retail’s Big Show 2015 in New York, Nicolas Diacono, New Tech Expert
  • 10.15 – 10.45 am: client testimonials
    » Christophe Dolique – CEO of Fivory SAS: Fivory, the Connected Shopping application
    » Christophe Ebrard – Apple: The Apple Store retail experience
  • 0.45 – 11.00 am: interactive journey and connected store demos by SQLI LAB