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The current health crisis has caused a profound shift in the working world. In just a few months, remote working has become the new normal. However, many companies, while they have invested in leading technologies on the market, are having a hard time reaping the benefits or even getting users to adopt the tools put in place.

At SQLI, we are convinced that the digital workplace is essential to developing a collaborative culture, reinforcing employees’ engagement and building their loyalty.

We help companies to deploy systems oriented around users, not tasks or tools. Our expertise in change management combined with our know-how in design thinking and our mastery of Microsoft® technologies allow us to design digital workplace solutions for our clients that are adopted by employees for the long term.

A user-centred approach

To encourage adoption by your employees, your digital workplace must rely on a rich user experience. The tools put in place must be seen as simple, smooth, and perfectly integrated into their work habits.

Our approach consists in defining the digital solutions that users expect alongside the various stakeholders. We identify user profiles, then analyse their behaviour and habits, their objectives and the problems they encounter. We organise workshops, interviews, even design sprints to draw out teams’ creativity and design a working environment that is in line with employees’ needs.

Designing and deploying collaborative work tools

From office software to collaborative spaces via enterprise portals and corporate social networks, we accompany businesses in designing, developing, deploying and adopting their digital workplace. As a Microsoft® Gold partner, SQLI has completed many projects to implement tools such as Office 365, Teams, Sharepoint and Power Platform.

We help companies to set the objectives and benefits they expect from implementing a digital workplace and to choose the solutions that best fit their needs and constraints or to make the most of the tools that are already in place. Together, we define scenarios and use cases along with the best deployment strategy. We also accompany business units and users in adopting the tools put in place through pilot deployments, bespoke training sessions or a change management programme.


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Setting up a digital workplace sometimes requires you to question practices, processes or habits that have been set in stone for years. You may encounter reluctance to change: won’t these digital tools make me less effective? Won’t these new tools impact my visibility over the teams’ work? What about control over approval workflows?

SQLI’s consultants support companies in change management by establishing a governance with key actors of the new collaborative workspace put in place, facilitating its adoption. Our teams can intervene in the processes, the environment, or alongside users.

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