White Paper: Digital banking in the service of pro customers and SMEs

Will B2B ecosystems save the banks?

The backwardness of SMEs in terms of digital and e-commerce is highly pronounced in France. The banks, as a trusted third parties, can position themselves in this market as partners of choice for their Pro customers and SMEs.

After reading this whitepaper, you will discover different offers accessible to financial establishments, which are accelerators of growth for the professional clientele :

  • Website factories;
  • community social networks;
  • the sharing economy…

Do you want to diversify your offers with digital? Find out how to become a partner for the digital transformation of your client companies.

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  • White Paper: Digital banking - In the service of pro customers and SMEs
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Laurent Cornu

The banks need to be in a position to help their Pro customers and SMEs to boost their income through additional digital marketing services.

Laurent CornuFinancial Services Sector Leader

The digital development of French SMEs is significantly slower thant the European average

The digital development of French SMEs75% of European companies have a website, compared with 65 % of French companies.

30% of companies in the 28 countries in the EU use social media, compared with 19% in France.

These known figures illustrate the difficulties of the cultural and business transformation of our companies.

Mastering the challenges of the B2B market

Mastering the challenges of the B2B marketFinancial establishments are facing many challenges:

  • capturing e-commerce cash flows,
  • encouraging the competitive positioning of French SMEs by boosting their e-commerce activities,
  • adopting a product co-creation approach,
  • creating a cooperative spirit between their customers,
  • limiting access to intermediaries and/or develop a network of partners

3 concrets examples

Banking and new digital marketing servicesThere are different levels of contribution from banks. This White Paper illustrates this with 3 examples:

  • The new digital marketing services
  • The collaborative affinity networks
  • The development of the sharing economy