Airbus – Big Data to develop sales

Simplified analysis of a high volume of statistical data on the civil aviation navigation market to strengthen sales team efficiency.

Context and challenge

In order to strengthen sales team efficiency, Airbus wished to acquire a tool enabling simple analysis of a very large volume of statistical data on the civil aviation navigation market and have a tool that would be capable of simply processing and analysing these large volumes of data.

Our support

Airbus turned to SQLI who recommended the DigDash Enterprise solution, a business intelligence tool based on in-memory computing technology enabling dashboards to be created that could be consulted online.

Given the challenges and issues involved, the business and IS teams opted for project development in agile mode.


The project now provides a solution to over 300 users to transform the huge mass of data (5 billion records) into relevant information.

Today, Airbus’s business teams are able to identify trends, produce key marketing messages, refer clients to coherent models and share tangible ideas for increasing profits through the use of its aircraft.

The customer view

Samuel Picaud

With the project we are making a true digital transformation: we switched from a “push” to a “pull” information strategy and our business teams no longer wait for a monthly report in their inbox, instead they look for the information they need directly. For our users, it still seems a bit like magic because the tool presents them with a simple version despite the extreme complexity at the back end. The simplicity of the DigDash Enterprise solution as well as its quick response times are key factors to winning the support of information consumers.

Samuel PicaudBusiness Project LeaderAirbus
Success Story Airbus

Success story Airbus