BOBST – Dematerialisation of technical documentation

The Lyon-based entity (formerly called Martin) has designed a new mobile console intended to dematerialise technical documentation.


Context and challenge

BOBST was looking to improve management of its internal technical documentation to eliminate redundancies, improve the reliability of plans and instruction documents, dematerialise documents and make them accessible over a mobile documentation console accessible by touch-screen.

Our support

The application designed in collaboration with SQLI’s teams of ergonomists and integrators enables the various participants:

  • To consult plans
  • View animations, parts in 3D
  • Go back to the history and comment on it


Users gave a warm welcome to the application. With end to end digitisation of the documentation, the assembler becomes a sort of “customer” of the design office, and collaboration is greatly enhanced.

The simplicity of the interface facilitates interactions and enables immediate adoption by users without any prior training required.

The customer view

Patrick Mornieux

There are 4 major boosts this solution has given to the company’s performance:

  • Time savings per user estimated at 15 minutes per day per assembler, i.e. 3% of the total time required to assemble a machine;
  • We save on paper printouts of documentation which previously cost around €20 thousand per year and above all took quite a lot of time;
  • The gains in terms of knowledge for greater maintenance and upgrade efficiency on machines will be significant for the entire duration of the customer contract;
  • Finally, the gains resulting from bilateral cooperation between the design office and assembly workshops have boosted the company’s collaborative culture as well as the quality of the machines produced.
Patrick MornieuxRegional IS manager France and EMEABOBST