BWIGroup – Process improvement

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Context and challenge

The motor vehicle equipment manufacturer, BWI, wished to put in place a process improvement initiative to address the growing need in the motor industry for product Quality control.

Our support

SQLI supported implementation of the improvement plan for each of the areas identified:

  • Putting a quality assurance organisation in place
  • Setting up a “project” mode and related project management practices
  • Drawing on know-how within a generic system specification and allocation of system requirements to the various businesses
  • Setting up traceability between tests and requirements

The customer view

Sébastien Gebus

Too many firms are content to just assess the basic compliance of the processes with a model, grids. With SQLI’s Alcyonix firm, it was on the contrary a highly pragmatic assessment with genuine business need intelligence. We are really highly satisfied with this mission.

Sébastien GebusQuality Manager - System SoftwareBWIGroup