Delhaize – Optimisation of purchasing processes (SAP Portal)

To simplify purchase order management, Delhaize wished to modernise its Information System and acquire a portal based on SAP.

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Context and challenge

Delhaize wished to make available to its staff a single portal to access purchase order and invoice management applications.

Our support

To put this project in place, Delhaize relied on an integrated solution based on SAP, used in several countries.
To carry out this project, SQLI set up a workflow between the ROI (Return Of Invoice) and VIM (Vendor Invoice Management) applications used in the process to create, manage and control purchase orders and invoices.
The workflow enables a much faster validation of Purchase Orders.


Setting up an SAP portal translated into considerable time savings and greater system reliability. Each user has the same interface, controls by validation staff are simplified and redundancies avoided.
In addition, invoices are processed faster and enable Delhaize to benefit from certain reductions.