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Context and challenges

JouéClub, a leading French toy and games retailer functions as a cooperative, bringing together independent specialists that form a network of over 300 local stores. The brand recently decided to streamline the customer journey and enhance its positioning as a web pioneer by creating a single purchasing experience that integrates its web, mobile and brick and mortar channels.

The main objectives of this project were to:

  • Obtain a single, modern e-commerce platform
  • Increase the brand’s online visibility
  • Re-establish expertise in the toy and games sector
  • Promote and strengthen web2store and store2web synergies
  • Track customer journeys and optimise the ordering process
  • Improve customer knowledge and personalised marketing


JouéClub choose SQLI  to transform their existing website into a single digital platform. This included a mobile version. The project has enabled JouéClub to take on an omnichannel dimension and boost its brand positioning.

The solution included:

  • An audit of the initial e-commerce site together with a needs analysis of the cooperative’s members
  • A new omnichannel strategy
  • A programme of change management involving General Management and the network’s independent members
  • A study of e-commerce platform publishers and help with choosing a solution
  • UX design and artistic direction
  • SEO and Digital Analytics
  • The management and deployment of the platform

JouéClub choose Proximis, one of SQLI’s major partners, to help achieve all of this. The solution is designed for omnichannel commerce and enables integration of an intelligent order management engine and an in-store sales app.

Flat design was chosen with solid colours and rounded shapes aligned with the world of children, providing a modernised look and feel.


The digital system, launched in October 2018, made it possible for JouéClub to fully embrace omnichannel by merging databases, centralising stock and optimising the resupply of sales outlets and access to products for users. The solution offers practical benefits for both customers and store workers.

Members of the cooperative can now access a unified back-office, simplify activities and facilitate communications with operational teams. In addition, the brand can now:

  • Analyse customer journeys
  • Analyse individual product performance
  • Gain better customer knowledge and improve loyalty scheme objectives

The timing of this project worked out well, enabling the toy and games retailer to manage the huge influx of orders during the end-of-year period that is crucial for their business. JouéClub is satisfied with its standard-setting e-commerce website that meets consumer needs, improves customer knowledge and optimises sales opportunities.


“The level of expertise, investment and constant attention shown by SQLI’s team enabled us to take up this amazing challenge. Thanks to effective three-way teamwork and agile project management, we were able to complete our mission on time for the Christmas season.”

Aurélie CaylaDigital Marketing Manager at JouéClub