La Compagnies des Alpes – Hackaton Val d’Isère

Goal: revolutionise the customer experience in the ski resort with a mobile application.

Context and challenge

Equipe SQLI Hackathon 2014From 30 November to 5 December, SQLI took part in the highest Hackathon in the world organised by Val d’Isère.

Our support

The SQLI experts reinvented the ski resort experience by producing an iOS mobile application which makes it possible to retrieve all holiday-makers’ data to improve and enrich customer experience. It also offers multiple features such as:

  • Customised itineraries suited to the skier’s profile;
  • Augmented Skiing’ – a brand new service for directions and guidance in the skiing area;
  • The smart alarm which wakes you up according to the weather;
  • Digitalisation of points of sale with iBeacon devices;
  • Gamification;
  • Reporting which allows you to check your own performance in real time and share it on social networks;
  • Selfski: the skiing selfie.


Both innovative, fun and efficient, the application developed by SQLI was the subject of a real enthusiasm on the part of the jury.

In addition, he was also attracted by the proposal SQLI replace traditional ski passes by connected bracelets.

Team SQLI won unanimously all the votes of the jury and ends the first Hackathon.

The application will be tested and then rolled out at the Val d’Isère ski resort in 2015.