Ministry of agriculture – Overhaul of the information system

In order to improve the performance of its Information System, the French Directorate General for Food Safety (Direction Générale de l’Alimentation -DGAL) undertook an Information System modernisation initiative with SQLI in 2012 called “RESYTAL”.

  • Ministère de l'agriculture

Context and challenge

The “RESYTAL” programme is aimed at modernising and simplifying all applications to meet the new needs of users.

The goals of the new system:

  • Facilitate enhancement of data to improve steering and monitoring of health actions,
  • Simplify the tools to make them more intuitive, faster and more user-friendly for all 5,000 users,
  • Open up to mobile technologies for agents in the field in particular,
  • Cut down on agents’ administrative tasks and refocus them on higher added value activities and develop remote services.

Our support

DGAL chose to call on SQLI for project management assistance and to provide change management support. SQLI put a genuine modernisation initiative into place:

  • For the benefit of users: by improving its services offer and simplifying formalities and procedures,
  • For the benefit of its own services: by facilitating their day to day work through applications requiring less information input and with mobile operation features.
    Despite the complexity of the DGAL business context, SQLI manages projects by implementing its practices with regard to steering:
  • 7 people are involved in drafting the specifications for each new application and steering developments on the project management side up to delivery.
  • 3 specialised consultants organise presentation and demonstration sessions for the new applications and teach trainers and other users how to use them.

The customer view

Stéphane Arché

SQLI has demonstrated a real desire to understand and satisfy our needs. It is a very close partnership which will be long-lasting and really takes our particular jobs into account with real involvement from SQLI, who perfectly anticipated our expectations at both a technical and human level.

Stéphane ArchéOffice Manager in charge of project management for Food Safety Information Systems and Director of the RESYTAL