Segafredo Zanetti – Decision-support platform

Context and challenge

On the initiative of its Information Systems Department, Segafredo Zanetti France has entrusted SQLI Group with the task of integrating an effective decision-support solution for improved monitoring of coffee and foodstuff sales throughout its CHR network (Cafés, Hotels, Restaurants).

Our support

SQLI selected and integrated the Microsoft BI solution. This resulted in the submission of 4 initial reports:

  • The order portfolio (warehouse operators), showing orders underway but not yet invoiced, in order to make a pre-invoicing forecast of whether or not sales objectives will be reached.
  • Indirect statistics (warehouse operators), to monitor the amounts invoiced by individual sales representatives and per product category compared to previous periods.
  • Direct general sales agent – customer statistics (bars), to enable the managers of bar sales persons to monitor their sales per customer and therefore make a detailed analysis of their activity per product.
  • Direct NSS statistics, to enable the National Sales Supervisor to analyse the performance of sales persons, and follow-up on and compare indicators over two rolling years.


The solution provided by SQLI was immediately adopted by all those involved in the project, in view of the many advantages that are already obvious:

  • Highly improved quality of data, which is homogenous and shared by all managers.
  • A significant time saving solution for data processing by Sales Administration.
  • Users’ real-time access to reliable information through the web portal.