Semitan – Dematerialisation of transport ticket

The Nantes-based transport company called on SQLI’s mobility expertise to design and develop the “Tan” application.

Context and challenge

Faced with the explosion in mobile use and as part of its proactive innovation policy, SEMITAN wished to offer a cutting edge mobile app to public transport users in Nantes, with a dual goal:

  • Provide regular and occasional users with all the information they may require for their trips;
  • Offer them convenient services for increased independence, simplicity and speed when travelling.

Our support

Armed with its proven technical, functional and methodological expertise in the mobile field, SQLI was selected to develop this strategic project. SQLI mobilised all its expertise – technical and functional mobile app creation, design, ergonomics, iOS and Android development as well as geolocation – to develop this app in close cooperation with SEMITAN’s teams.


With the brand-new TAN mTicket available on iPhone and Android, electronic tickets are making the leap for the first time in France from the experimental stage to roll-out to the general public. Since it was launched, the TAN app has been downloaded more than 70,000 times, greatly exceeding the targets set at the beginning of the project by SEMITAN. It has enjoyed a surge of popularity among users, who have been extremely satisfied with the services provided, in particular the mTicket: on the very first day over 700 tickets were sold through this new sales channel and the number of orders has been on the up ever since.

The customer view

Pascal Leroy

The challenge for Semitan is to confirm its positioning as an innovative company in the public transport sector with two main goals: continue to improve service quality for customers and reduce our ticket information and distribution costs. By definition our customers are mobile when they use our services and in recent years they have acquired a new tool, the smartphone. So it was essential to work on this tool.”

Pascal LeroySales DirectorL’application sur Google Play