Services Industriels de Genève – Mobile App for meter management

  • Services industriels de Genève

Context and challenge

SIG distributes electricity, gas and water in the Geneva canton. The need to access their applications when on the move became essential.

After a comparative study of market solutions led by SQLI, SIG wanted to validate the technical feasibility of the chosen solution (Adobe Flex) through a meter management Proof Of Concept.


The development of this prototype, led by SQLI, involved several phases:

  • Interviews with business users
  • Devise and design application ergonomics
  • Installation of the required components
  • Mobile and SAP back end application developments
  • Integration with the canton’s geographic information system


The presentation and demonstration to business users and the IT department enabled:

  • The technological choice to be validated,
  • The ergonomics of the application to be validated and accepted by business users from the various departments (water, gas, electricity)