SPIR Communication – SAP CRM iPad: an innovative business application

An original high added value solution combining two areas of in-depth expertise from the SQLI Group: SAP CRM and the design of mobile applications.

Context and challenge

SPIR Communication wanted to give its sales representatives a mobility tool to enhance their performance and productivity and leverage the SAP CRM solution in place for improved targeting of prospects.

Our support

Through its perfect mastery of the SAP CRM solution acquired on over 40 large scale projects in Europe, SQLI was entrusted with this innovative and strategic project for SPIR.

The SAP CRM expertise, combined with that of the design of smartphone applications, enabled SQLI to orchestrate the entire implementation of the project: graphic and ergonomic design, creation of an original navigation mode especially adapted to the iPad, development (Objective C) and integration.

SQLI has thus designed, developed and integrated an iPad solution giving SPIR sales teams the ability to:

  • update all customer data in real time;
  • have a consolidated view of progress in reaching their goals and efficiently track their activity on a dashboard;
  • receive a stream of marketing information via a private Twitter feed;
  • have access to sales pitches for each of SPIR’s offers as well as their localised rates.


Putting this quick and inexpensive tool in place ensures better use of the existing CRM solution, refocuses the sales team on its core activity (rather than on administrative tasks) and contributes to a new customer relations experience.

Both convivial and attractive, the CRM SAP solution for iPad proved a tremendous and immediate success among the company’s sales forces.