The world’s largest tyre and rubber manufacturer, Bridgestone, partnered with SQLI to define and implement a new B2B SAP Commerce Cloud platform.
9 July 2020/by SQLI

[EBOOK] Become your company's "Agile Hero"

Today's consumers expect a brand or a company to be able to constantly adapt and evolve its offer according to the needs of its customers.
20 March 2020/by SQLI

[WHITE PAPER] DXP : stay ahead of the game !

This white paper looks at how this can be achieved through a Digital ExperiencePlatform (DXP).
19 March 2020/by SQLI
Intranet success


How to guarantee your intranet success by making each staff member feel that the tool they use on a day-to-day basis was designed especially for them?
18 October 2019/by SQLI

[INFOGRAPHIC] 6 tips to make your CMS project a sure-fire success

Have you been tasked with the very important mission of deploying a new CMS? Our experts share their 6 top tips.
16 October 2019/by SQLI

[Checklist] Omnichannel: 7 tips for an effective IT organisation

Companies with a website and mobile app are increasingly looking to homogenise the two channels in order to offer service continuity and optimize development costs.
11 October 2019/by SQLI

[SUCCESS STORY] SEB GROUP: on the road to digital

How to remain a leader on your international market and create a privileged relationship with consumers and your network of distributors?
To meet these objectives, Seb wanted to build an e-commerce system to serve the user experience, while enhancing product branding.
19 September 2019/by SQLI
Projet Pierre Fabre

[SUCCESS STORY] A new corporate website for Pierre Fabre

Pierre Fabre, an international pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetics group, has set up in 2019 a new modern corporate website, offering new features that are essential to reflecting a modern group. The aim : enhance communication, employer branding and the user relationship, in France and overseas.
18 September 2019/by SQLI
Projet La Parisienne Assurances

[SUCCESS STORY] LA PARISIENNE ASSURANCES accelerates the marketing of its bespoke products

La Parisienne Assurances selected SQLI to digitalise the design of its bespoke insurance products. The new platform is intended as a response to performance and transparency issues, strengthening the relationship between the insurer and its partners.
18 September 2019/by SQLI
Success story silversea

[SUCCESS STORY] SILVERSEA - Full steam ahead to digital!

Silversea, the luxury cruise line, is known to offer passengers dream destinations and unforgettable experiences.
8 August 2019/by SQLI

[SUCCESS STORY] GENERALI : an omnichannel customer website

Generali France wanted to upgrade its customer portal and the website by adopting a more modern tool with a new interface.
23 July 2019/by SQLI

[ebook] Designing a user-centric website

This guide will show you how to integrate consumer and user interests as a core aspect of your digital presence.
16 May 2019/by SQLI
white paper digital in store

[WHITE PAPER] Digital in store: How tablets for Sales staff enhance the customer experience

 The barrier between online and offline shopping is becoming blurred, customers are becoming more demanding and competition is rife.  
4 April 2019/by SQLI

[Ebook] What will the web of the future look like?

Expectations of the consumers have dramatically changed those last years. Brands need to develop a new approach, which takes into account the human factor.
2 April 2019/by SQLI

[CHECKLIST] Drive traffic to your website in five stages

The aim of this document is to give you the keys to a successful traffic generation strategy and offer you insights into its different stages
7 March 2019/by SQLI
Checklist pim 5 raisons se pencher sur infos produits-sqli

[CHECKLIST] 5 reasons for getting your product information straight

Product Information Management (PIM) solutions are there to help you deliver the right information to the right customer, via the right channel.
15 February 2019/by SQLI


The technology behind e-commerce has transformed the way companies and consumers do business. For B2B companies, the time has come to make the big leap forward and embrace e-commerce.
4 January 2019/by SQLI
Infographic ux ecommerce

[INFOGRAPHIC] 7 tips to improve the UX design of your e-commerce website

Focusing on the UX Design of your e-commerce website is key to attracting consumers and gaining their loyalty. Check out our infographic for advice from an experienced UX designer and find out how to  build a real “customer-centric” e-commerce website.
16 October 2018/by SQLI

[CHECKLIST] 8 key stages for successful international e-commerce deployment

Deploying an e-commerce strategy internationally is no mean feat.…
4 October 2018/by SQLI
unified commerce

[EBOOK] Unified commerce: connect all your channels for a seamless customer experience

According to Boston Retail Partners “unified commerce places the customer experience as priority by leveraging a single commerce platform”. Such a solution eliminates internal channels that operate in silos.
22 June 2018/by SQLI

[WHITE PAPER] Customer engagement

Really engaging with your customers means understanding them and having a really close relationship with them at each stage.
9 January 2018/by SQLI
Time to market

[WHITE PAPER] Time-to-market hacks

For the retailers looking for responsiveness to offer the right products for sales at the right times and before the competition.
12 February 2016/by SQLI
White Paper: values and Uses connected objects

[WHITE PAPER] values and Uses connected objects

In this White Paper you will discover many existing devices based on these technologies.
22 July 2015/by SQLI
White Paper: Digital banking, in the service of pro customers and SMEs

[WHITE PAPER] Digital banking in the service of pro customers and SMEs

Do you want to diversify your offers with digital? Find out how to become a partner for the digital transformation of your client companies.
8 June 2015/by SQLI
Web séminaire Pharmacie et Santé : Le digital pour armer vos forces de ventes

Webinar - Pharmacy and health: using digital to arm sales teams

The needs of healthcare professionals have evolved: there is…
24 February 2015/by SQLI