[ebook] Designing a user-centric website

This guide will show you how to integrate consumer and user interests as a core aspect of your digital presence.
16 May 2019/by SQLI

[WHITE PAPER] Digital in store: How tablets for Sales staff enhance the customer experience

 The barrier between online and offline shopping is becoming blurred, customers are becoming more demanding and competition is rife.  
4 April 2019/by SQLI

[CHECKLIST] Drive traffic to your website in five stages

The aim of this document is to give you the keys to a successful traffic generation strategy and offer you insights into its different stages
7 March 2019/by SQLI


The technology behind e-commerce has transformed the way companies and consumers do business. For B2B companies, the time has come to make the big leap forward and embrace e-commerce.
4 January 2019/by SQLI
Infographic ux ecommerce

[INFOGRAPHIC] 7 tips to improve the UX design of your e-commerce website

Focusing on the UX Design of your e-commerce website is key to attracting consumers and gaining their loyalty. Check out our infographic for advice from an experienced UX designer and find out how to  build a real “customer-centric” e-commerce website.
16 October 2018/by SQLI

[CHECKLIST] 8 key stages for successful international e-commerce deployment

Deploying an e-commerce strategy internationally is no mean feat.…
4 October 2018/by SQLI
unified commerce

[EBOOK] Unified commerce: connect all your channels for a seamless customer experience

According to Boston Retail Partners “unified commerce places the customer experience as priority by leveraging a single commerce platform”. Such a solution eliminates internal channels that operate in silos.
22 June 2018/by SQLI

[WHITE PAPER] Customer engagement

Really engaging with your customers means understanding them and having a really close relationship with them at each stage.
9 January 2018/by SQLI
Time to market

[WHITE PAPER] Time-to-market hacks

For the retailers looking for responsiveness to offer the right products for sales at the right times and before the competition.
12 February 2016/by SQLI
White Paper: values and Uses connected objects

[WHITE PAPER] values and Uses connected objects

In this White Paper you will discover many existing devices based on these technologies.
22 July 2015/by SQLI
White Paper: Digital banking, in the service of pro customers and SMEs

[WHITE PAPER] Digital banking in the service of pro customers and SMEs

Do you want to diversify your offers with digital? Find out how to become a partner for the digital transformation of your client companies.
8 June 2015/by SQLI
Web séminaire Pharmacie et Santé : Le digital pour armer vos forces de ventes

Webinar - Pharmacy and health: using digital to arm sales teams

The needs of healthcare professionals have evolved: there is…
24 February 2015/by SQLI