Digital projects often give rise to various questions: what product or service do I want to offer to my users exactly? What are the opportunities and innovations I can use to meet my customers’ needs? How does this project fit into my company’s (digital) strategy? How to ensure the ROI of the digital system I want to set up?

Scoping makes it possible to identify and achieve customer value and be in phase with the target audience’s expectations, by confirming the expected value in the very early stages. Furthermore, it makes it easier to align stakeholders with a shared, multidisciplinary vision and involve decision-makers. The company’s digital roadmap is also precisely defined, making it possible to reach informed decisions.


Our consultants are also programme directors

Our consultants also oversee production and deployment work and are, therefore, very attentive to the feasibility of ideas right from the early stages. Innovations are considered and explored with a pragmatic, practical approach, in order to serve the end user.

Multidisciplinary teams

Our teams work alongside our clients from the definition stage and right up to deployment and operational monitoring of solutions. Projects are therefore imagined and designed by combining expertise in technology, marketing and experience design, for example.

Tried-and-tested methods to define the solution

In addition to expertise in scoping, our teams are known for their mastery of tried-and-tested methods that enable you to take your product definition further: Design Thinking, Design Sprint, UX Research, user tests, Lean Innovation… Solutions are therefore defined and specified in light of users’ perceived value.

Our client cases

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