#creativestudio: gamestorm your workshop!

Collaborative innovation, creativity and risk-taking are essential factors in a business’s development. To create value, these skills must be stimulated. SQLI helps you, via participative workshops, to successfully complete these missions.

Collaborative intelligence and creativity are at the heart of a business’s digital transformation. In order to benefit from in-house skills and encourage participative work, businesses must put in place creative working methods.

SQLI therefore delved deep into its extensive experience and the famous “creative thinking” approach in order to develop its “#CREATIVESTUDIO” service. Aimed at trading and IT departments, this package takes the form of a workshop (from 2 hours to 2 days) based on gaming mechanisms, group dynamics and innovative brainstorming techniques.

Its objective: to innovate as a group, to define new products and/or services or even resolve problematic situations.

The 4 fundamentals of our offer

  1. Using gaming mechanisms: stimulating creativity via “serious games” disruptive practices.
  2. Boosting collective intelligence: working in small groups, participants examine each other’s ideas and find solutions.
  3. Building participants’ confidence: the possibility of expressing oneself freely, without hierarchical and physical constraints in order to let your imagination run free.
  4. Developing “Intrapreneurship”: encouraging risk-taking to innovate in a secure business context by adopting a product (rather than project) vision.

Each workshop is different and depends on the client’s context, ensuring insofar as possible the meeting of expectations and the objectives set. Our service is divided into three stages:


Preparation new

Understanding of context and objectives. Drafting of story to tell and future workshops. Developing of custom service.


Deroulement new

Organising and facilitating workshops. Adjusting during workshop in order to meet set objectives. Setting up serious games.


Restitution new

Summarising of key moments of seminar. Creating a detailed deliverable as well as an action plan.

They trust us

Groupe Poult
Union des caisses nationales de sécurité sociale

This workshop gave us excellent results. This was mainly down to SQLI’s professionalism in preparing the seminar, the agile methodology implemented over the 2 days and finally in the following up of the action plan drawn up at the end of the workshop.

Bruno Dahan
Bruno DahanHead of digital Customer experience projects, Airbus Customer Services

This fun, stimulating and thought-provoking exercise was led by a team that actively encouraged us to immerse ourselves in situations relating to cultural change and risk-taking. The transition from reality to immersion demonstrates the good preparation and the way in which the workshop was led.

Andrew McGill
Andrew McGillAirbus IT Collaboration Programme Manager