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The digital workplace to improve company efficiency

Collaboration, innovation and sharing knowledge are key to creating value for companies.

The employee’s experience plays a key role in a company’s digital strategy. To concentrate on their core business, your employees, regardless of their level in the company, must be able to collaborate and exchange information in real time.

66% of an employee’s time is spent working with people who are geographically remote or even outside the company.

The Digital Workplace refers to a work environment which brings together a set of user-friendly and connected applications where your employees can operate, exchange and collaborate everywhere, at any time and on any device.


Our value proposition: to devise, anticipate and build the company of tomorrow and ensure you get the support of your employees:

  • Define your internal digital strategy: uses, user journeys, innovation strategy, choice of solutions and change management.
  • Integrate the latest internal digital platforms: intranet, digitizing and sharing documents, corporate social networks, internal business tools and mobile applications.

Because uses have evolved, we help you to put together a smooth employee experience which meets your company’s immediate and future needs perfectly.

Networking your skills


collaborative experts


Information Management consultants

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Digitizing documents

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Creating a digital office

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Managing skills

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Innovativing and transforming

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Download our Sharepoint 2013 report