Data and analytics : the black gold of the twenty-first century

Decryption and analysis of available data are an integral part of the business value creation strategy .

Data is everywhere, it is innumerable, heterogeneous and comes from multiple sources. Genuine black gold, it is now part of the genetics of business strategy.

Increasing the value of this data, using powerful management tools and innovative methodologies enables businesses to be more agile, more visible and reactive. Ultimately, these technologies can generate new sources of value and improve business productivity.

SQLI, strengthened by its expertise in bringing together business and technical teams, offers its clients overall support in data operation and analysis projects.

A complete data and analytics offer: consulting, training, integration, support, innovation

  • Data governance – Framework & project management – Consulting – Training
  • Data marketing – Predictive commerce
  • Mobility and connected objects
  • Data visualisation – Ergonomics – Design
  • Data quality – Safety

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