Data Science

An approach based on data science can be used to analyse strategic data sets to find correlations which create value for your business.

The increase in the power of data analysis technologies, as well as their ability to be integrated into information systems at a lower cost and to use increasingly accessible data sets, opens up a wide range of possibilities for businesses.

Data science has become a game changer. Based on scientific approaches, this technique consists of identifying, analysing and producing sensitive data sets in order to extract from them an operational statistical model which creates value.


There are countless areas and sectors where data science can be applied. Fraud detection, credit scoring, churn prediction, predictive maintenance, sales insight… Predictive analytics technologies help companies to understand what impacts their business, to take fact based decision and to deliver actions.

Is it true that there are not many Data Scientists?

As a leading partner for brands who choose digital solutions, we have set up a Data & Analytics skills centre made up of Data Scientists, Data Analysts, architects and Big Data developers.

Additionally, our highly skilled team, who hold PhDs in physics and mathematics, are backed up by business and sectorial experts, enabling us to provide precise solutions adapted to your organisation and issues.

Our Data Scientists have years of experience

  • In-depth expertise on data-gathering and data-integration
  • Profound functional and business knowledge and hence ability to help you understand what matters
  • Statistical and data mining backgrounds
  • Expertise in performance management
  • Skill to perform an embedded BI track
  • Organization of workshop to identify the data and the algorithm that matter

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