Providing multiple touch points between different digital solutions clearly damages brand experience: scaled-back features on the mobile version of the website, poor centralisation of customer data collected via different channels, lack of a uniform visual identity, or inconsistent content between the website and its mobile version… 

SQLI’s teams are here to help Europe’s major brands to (re)connect with their customers by designing and implementing unified, user-centric experience platforms 

Our expert consulting, marketing and technology teams work together to create digital solutions for users based on an effective, solid and coherent technical base 

DXP and web factory

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Offering customers a coherent experience from device to device (customer area, mobile application, corporate website) is a major challenge for Europe’s biggest brands. In addition to synchronising data and interactions from channel to channel, it’s also essential to provide a context-appropriate experience and centralise and homogenise content. 

SQLI designs and implements Digital Experience Platforms (DXP), aiming to offer users a unified experience over all digital channels (web, display, mobile, voice assistants, etc.) via a centralised set of technical solutions. 

Does your company have a disparate, non-centralised galaxy of websites? We also implement web factories so you can centralise the management of all your websites and align your teams around a shared platform. 


Architecture and solution recommendations and framing

An experience platform project is a sizeable challenge for a business and involves various departments that may have differing visions and objectives. With our framing offer, our consultants help companies to align the different departments involved in the project and ensure that the solution put in place fits the users’ needs. 

Also, it can sometimes be difficult for IT professions to really understand and compare the various choices of architectures and solutions that they have. Our Web Solutions teams help them to choose the architecture best suited to the project and user needs, but also to the existing IT ecosystem. Our approach: taking your current context (security, performance, urbanisation, scalability and sustainability) into consideration and upgrading it to anticipate future challenges. 

UX and digital marketing

To achieve your business development and brand awareness objectives, it’s not enough to just attract new visitors to your website. You have to keep them on your website and ultimately develop their loyalty, in order to create a connection to your brand and a qualified, recurrent and lead-generating audience. 

To achieve this goal, your website must be genuinely user-centric – in other words, designed for and with your users. They need to really feel that your digital solution has been designed to meet their needs. 

SQLI’s UX and digital marketing experts use proven methodologies to involve your users in the design and implementation of your experience platform. 


Mobile devices account for 56.6% of global internet traffic (Statcounter – 2017). It’s a fact: browsing and buying practices have changed and businesses need to adapt their digital ecosystems to reflect this reality. 

But nonetheless your mobile applications’ convergence must not be sacrificed as a result. On the contrary, rationalising your mobile applications by focusing on user experience is key to really standing out and providing genuine added value. 

SQLI is the ideal partner to develop your mobile projects, advise you on the type of technology best suited to your intended use, adopt the best methodology, and optimise delivery. 

Performance monitoring

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Does your website not respond as you’d like? Have you invested in the development of new features on your customer portal but don’t know if they’re actually used? Do your conversion rates fail to meet your objectives? 

Perhaps you should monitor your site’s performance more closely. 

Our experts are here to help you continuously monitor and analyse your digital solution’s performance on three levels: your users’ perception of your site, its technical performance, and its ability to generate business. This provides you with powerful tools to monitor your website’s activity in real-time with detailed dashboards, find out how it is actually used, and improve your time-to-market. 

Outsourced service centres

Companies with a big digital fleet can derive great benefits from setting up an outsourced service centre. In addition to a better rationalisation of investments over time, a service centre allows you to have just one partner to manage your digital production, from consulting and design through to roll-out and optimisation. The time-to-market is faster, and quality is optimal, all through a global, innovation-focused approach.