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Building on its ‘User eXperience ‘ expertise and its capacity for technological innovation, SQLI is assisting IT departments and business departments to decode technologies, implement agile tests, identify uses, validate innovations with user tests and assist in the industrialisation of validated concepts. A high added-value offer to capitalise on digital.

SQLI assists you

  • Creation of an Innovation Factory
  • Monitoring & Trends
  • Identification of uses for your business
  • Training & Awareness

SNCF innovates with connected objects

SNCF et objets connectésSQLI plans a Google Glass App for inspectors

What will SNCF’s practices and resources of tomorrow look like? What will the services of the future be? This is what the Voyageurs SNCF IT Department is working on. Always keen to improve the service provided to travellers and facilitate the work of departments, the CIO is constantly monitoring new technologies and, along with SQLI, has just presented Chairman Guillaume Pépy with a Google Glass application for ticket inspectors.

A Google Glass App developed in record time

SNCF wanted to design a Google Glass POC (Proof Of Concept) for ticket inspections, with the aim of being able to scan the tickets with the glasses and validate fares straight away.

SQLI developed it in just 3 weeks.

Seduced by the innovative prototype, the Voyageurs IT Department presented it to their Chairman Guillaume Pépy who was also able to test it straight away.

The latter then discovered the range of services which are possible with this type of tool. Since then, different departments have shown great interest in this prototype and are already thinking about other uses.

A strong partnership in terms of digital innovation

TheGoogle Glass App for inspectors is far from being the railway company’s only initiative in the field. Indeed, other innovative projects have been completed with SQLI:

  • An Android application in the form of Social Gaming to better train inspectors on the functions of their tools. They are put in situations through assignments which need to be completed (a delay, a list of connections etc.) within the game.
  • The completion of prototypes with Leap Motion (movement recognition) such as an interactive terminal, with a view to creating innovative, contactless interfaces.
  • The implementation of POCs for events, like a Christmas tree connected with Arduino and HTML 5 or even a connected birthday cake.
Alexandre Sochacki

To help us with this prototype we chose SQLI, who is a partner of substance in terms of innovation in our opinion. Thanks to their Android skills, we were able to make full use of the glasses’ hardware and thus set up real-time interactions with the user. It was important to develop a first test case using the connected glasses so that we  could better understand their capabilities before they are made widely available. We wanted to show the services that this new type of equipment could offer, and see how it could change inspection operations.

Alexandre SochackiInnovActor IT Department Voyageurs SNCF
Jean-François Garreau

The Voyageurs IT Department can now see the connection between new technologies and customers’ uses. The principal challenge is mainly about defining the interface of tomorrow, which cannot be keyboard, mouse, or  touch-screen based. Thanks to our experience in terms of connected objects, we will continue to assist the SNCF with its innovative projects.

Jean-François GarreauAndroid and Connected Objects expert SQLI