Mobile Factory

Innovate and industrialise with a dedicated service center

As many decision-makers as technologies for your mobile projects?

Are your mobile applications expensive to maintain?

Is 6 months a reasonable amount of time to design a mobile project?

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«Priority to the use»

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«Short Test & Learn cycle»

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«Multi-skilled team»

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«From project to maintenance»

A model which matches the business challenges

  • A dual USER CENTRIC approach: end users and business sponsors
  • A consultancy partner to BENEFIT from the best mobile practices
  • The ability to INDUSTRIALISE and ACCELERATE the deployment of mobile applications with a ‘service center’- type organisation
  • Greater FLEXIBILITY during peaks in activity
  • Better budget CONTROL and optimisation

Our Mobile Factory support


Study and assistance in the choice of the best production scenario, catalogue of services, eligible projects, and the processes and budgets required.

Uses / Technologies

USES & TECHNIQUES support from other Group entities. Monitoring and support with project definition.

Short / long cycle

The Mobile Factory can take on an entire mobile project and respect firm commitments in terms of quality and deadlines. 98% satisfaction.

Scope & Budget

Managing the maintenance and improvement of mobile applications. The mobile scope of more comprehensive projects is passed on to the Mobile Factory.

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