Mobility and connected objects: invent new uses!

Here is a new word to add to your vocabulary: Hackathon. A Hackathon is a combination of the words ‘hack’ and ‘marathon’ and refers to events during which developers and designers meet to develop IT projects. Don’t think it’s a geek thing just for alternative projects. Quite the opposite! An increasing number of brands are using these events as opportunities for creativity and innovation.

As it is particularly suited to looking for new mobile services, usage in terms of the digitalisation of points of sale and contextual marketing, it is a method which makes it possible to generate a lot of ideas and illustrate them concretely in record time.
SQLI’s experts have designed myHackathon- a turnkey approach to accelerate your innovation.

We set up sessions which mix your decision-makers and our ergonomics experts, designers, and web and mobility experts to identify the key uses and design your POCs together.

Are you ready to take up the challenge?

How to experiment with new services

How to bring teams together for an operation that packs a punch?

How to reconcile innovation, digital, and agility in one week?

Accelerate the transition from an idea to a project with ground-breaking innovation and break down the traditional silos.

Myhackathon-1-semaine new


Myhackathon-brainstorming new


Myhackathon-poc new


We combine User eXperience expertise and innovation to create new services

  • New uses
  • Experience
  • Technological innovations
  • Proof Of Concept
  • Collaborative
  • Communication

A proven methodology in several stages

Myhackathon-identifier new

Appropriation of territory

Myhackathon-imaginer new

Find the golden nugget

Myhackathon-conceptualiser new

Give the idea life



Validate the concept

Our SQLI experts and Hackathon specialists

SQLI wins “the highest hackathon in the world” and reinvents the winter sports experience.

From 30 November to 5 December, SQLI took part in the highest Hackathon in the world organised by Val d’Isère. The objective? To revolutionise the customer experience in the ski resort with a mobile application. This is exactly what SQLI achieved with its multi-feature prototype.

myhackathon lab innovation

We carried out myHACKATHON there

mobilite logo groupama
SNCF mobilité entreprise

myHackathon budget

Budget new

7 man days
To Identify and Imagine

Budget new

+13 man days
To Conceptualise and Experiment