Sector-based offers

Support adapted to your business challenges

As the leader of the connected experience and a partner of large companies in their digital transformation, SQLI has developed sector-based offers which address our customers’ business challenges.

The digital revolution requires companies to adapt to a changing new context, anticipate the issues of tomorrow and rebuild their business model around new drivers of growth.

Technological innovations – whether they are IoT, Big Data or even Artificial Intelligence where the applications did not seem very mature up to now – have become essential in the day to day lives of consumers and businesses now.

Faced with these new challenges, SQLI combines its technological expertise, its sector knowledge and its feedback in order to help industries get involved in this new era of innovation.

SQLI has developed several sector-based offers:

Smart-industry new

The new ‘smart’ production factories in the era of Industry 4.0

Smart-energy new

The digital revolution in the service of the enerfy transition

Banque-assurance new

The players in this sector innovate to enrich their digital experience