Smart Energy

The digital transformation represents a tremendous opportunity for Utilities to adapt to the energy transition while boosting competitiveness.

The regulatory context and changing attitudes are intensifying the energy transition phenomenon which promotes the use of renewable energies and self-sufficiency.

To preserve their market share and respond to new players in the market, energy providers must be creators of new and customised experiences based on contextual data.

The use of the data is actually a major challenge: the consumption of energy varies depending on the weather, the flight of migratory birds has an impact on the state of the electrical grid, the most widely used routes have an influence on the location of charging stations for electric cars, etc. The collection, storage and thorough analysis of the data must be industrialised within a flexible and open platform.

SQLI’s Smart Energy offer is based on cutting-edge expertise in the sector’s innovations, technological skills and a lot of feedback.  This offer is based on 6 key drivers:


SQLI combines technological and sector-based expertise to assist the biggest energy operators:

  • Strategy: new models – customer journey – benchmark – audit of what is already in place – change management
  • Design: UX / Design, specification, platform choice, IS interfaces
  • Development: technical implementation – continuous integration – qualimetry – architecture & modelling
  • Implementation and maintenance: continuous deployment – MDM – Support and training – third party application maintenance
  • Marketing: analytical – social media – brand content – communication arrangements
  • Innovation: blockchain – chatbots – machine learning – artificial intelligence – connected objects

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