unified commerce

Commerce is undergoing a profound change. Buying journeys are becoming mixed, combining both digital and physical. In this environment of fast-changing uses, digital is an accelerator and driver of business growth. In 2020, with the health crisis, the retail sector had to speed up its digitalisation and there was huge growth in online sales.

How can you reinvent yourself to build a unified digital ecosystem and get the best out of digital commerce?

As a leading player in B2B and B2C e-commerce, SQLI helps businesses in retail, luxury and industry stay one step ahead by combining the best of strategy, design and technology. We prefer this end-to-end approach, as it enables us to get a 360-degree view of the challenges that confront our clients.


How do you formulate a digital strategy that is in phase with your brand’s market positioning? How do you imagine and deliver an experience that will make the difference? Which technology solution should you choose to build your commerce platform?

SQLI’s Consulting Team puts the client’s voice and expectations at the core of its considerations. We provide a strategic and pragmatic vision, which we translate into a practical, operational action plan. We help our clients develop their creativity to innovate and boost their business.


An excellent user experience on your e-commerce websites and apps is vital to attract, convert and retain your consumers. How do you win over Internet users right from the landing page and take them all the way to the shopping basket? How do you personalise the experience to make them feel unique and recognised by the brand? How do you attract a qualified audience and generate leads?

Our mission is to understand your customers’ new behaviours, in order to design and deploy unified and user-centred buying experiences. Our experience design and digital marketing experts help you identify your users’ needs, analyse your existing systems, design functional models and graphics, produce solution prototypes, and activate leverage to convert customers and build their loyalty.


Offer your customers a seamless journey through online and offline channels with a unique sales platform. Product and customer data are centralised in a unified software structure, which makes it possible to provide a coherent and personalised customer experience, from the e-commerce website to the point of sale, and thereby boost customer engagement at all touchpoints.

Our consultants’ business expertise, combined with their extensive knowledge of e-commerce and omnichannel solution implementation, is a major asset to make your unified commerce project a success.

We have produced more than 400 digital commerce systems and are able to advise and support you, from strategic considerations to the design and deployment of your digital projects.


Against a backdrop of digital transformation and e-commerce growth, product information is a key element in all channels. To create a successful customer experience, product information must be clear, reliable and attractive.

Implementing a PIM or DAM system, integrating or migrating large volumes of product data, and enabling communication with an ERP, WMS or PLM system, or external data sources (suppliers, distributors) represent a challenge and raise many questions.

SQLI helps you to build a solid product repository, then select and implement the PIM or DAM solution best suited to your organisation and challenges.


Digital technology has raised consumer expectations at points of sale and changed buying journeys. Technological progress now enables businesses to collect new data (customer, product, inventory) and provide new in-store services. Combined with increasingly mature information systems, including powerful omnichannel solutions and micro-service architectures, data can be delivered in real time at points of sale to offer a personalised experience.

Our experts work on the entire customer journey:

  • generating traffic to the store;
  • designing an experience store;
  • digitalising product storytelling via means such as smartphone apps or sales staff tablets;
  • smart shelving;
  • touchpoint optimisations throughout the journey;
  • transforming payment into a service;
  • developing loyalty post-purchase.


Do you want to industrialise the successful implementation of your digital strategy, or outsource your business applications, while guaranteeing quality and agility for your users? Outsourcing your digital production to a service centre can be of strategic importance to guarantee the success of projects throughout their lifecycle. You can concentrate on your core business and rely on a unique partner that offers the full range of digital skills and innovates in everything it does.

The SQLI Group has two nearshore service centres in Franceand four offshore service centres in Morocco, Dubai and Mauritius.

International players in industry, luxury, insurance and retail, such as Nespresso, Groupe SEB and Generali, have entrusted us with the outsourcing of their digital projects.