Immerse your customers in a hyper-customised phygital experience

unified commerce

Path to purchase journeys are being revolutionised and combine both the digital and the physical. This new concept is called “phygital”. How can you then implement a brand-new, seamless cross-channel experience for a customer with ever-increasing expectations?

As a leader in the e-commerce and phygital industry, SQLI assists retailers, luxury goods firms and manufacturers to rethink and design omnichannel path to purchase journeys and set up the related commerce platforms.

Do you have a customer experience customisation project, a unified commerce platform, e-commerce application, web-to-store system, or product repository development or overhaul project, or similar plans?


An excellent user experience on your e-commerce sites and applications is key to attract, convert and develop the loyalty of your consumers. How do you win over web users as soon as they hit your landing page? How do you lead them right to the shopping cart without losing them along the way? How do you customise the experience to make them feel unique and recognised by the brand?

Our mission is to understand your customers’ new behaviour patterns and deploy unified, user-centric purchasing experiences. Our Experience Design experts (UX Research, UX/UI Design, Branding) assist you from A to Z, including identifying your users’ needs, analysing your existing systems, and designing functional and graphical lay-outs, as well as prototyping solutions.

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Offer your customers a seamless journey on online and offline channels with a unique sales platform. Product and customer data is centralised in a unified software structure, allowing you to offer a coherent and customised customer experience from the e-commerce site to the point of sale, boosting customer engagement at every touch point.

Our consultants’ business expertise, combined with their solid knowledge of implementation of e-commerce and omnichannel solutions, plays a major role in making your unified commerce project a success.

We have developed more than 400 connected commerce systems and are able to advise you and assist you with the strategic definition, design and development of your digital projects.

Do you want to put in place a unified commerce strategy or work out if this approach is appropriate for your business?

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“By 2021, one in two businesses will use a dedicated next-generation PIM environment to manage their product processes and offer high-quality product experiences” (Ventana Research survey). Against a backdrop of digital transformation and growing e-commerce, product information becomes key for all channels. For customer experience to be a success, product information must be clear, reliable and attractive.

Implementing a PIM or DAM, integrating or migrating a high volume of product data and related assets, sharing it via an ERP, WMS, PLM or external data sources (suppliers, distributors) is a challenge and raises a whole range of organisational questions.

SQLI helps you to build a solid product repository, then select and implement the PIM or DAM solution best suited to your organisation and challenges.


Digital technology has affected the level of consumer expectations at the point of sale and changed the path to purchase journey. Technological progress now allows businesses to collect new data (customer, product, inventory) to provide new in-store services. Combined with increasingly mature information systems, particularly including powerful omnichannel solutions and micro-service architectures, data can be delivered in real time at the point of sale to offer a customised experience.

Our experts work on the entire customer journey:
• generating traffic to the store,
• designing the in-store experience journey,
• digitising product storytelling with solutions such as applications for smartphones or vendor tablets,
• smart shelving,
• optimising points of contact all journey long,
• transforming payment into a service,
• developing loyalty post-purchase.

Do you want to find out more about digitising the customer journey at the point of sale?

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Deploying an e-commerce strategy on an international scale throws up numerous challenges: multiple markets and/or brands, setup of cross-disciplinary governance, deployment of a large platform consisting of a core system and market-specific features (consumer preferences, judicial and legal requirements, data localisation, performance), etc.

Our teams, based locally at our 32 branches all across Europe, deploy international-scale projects via successive rollouts in most countries worldwide, working with select local partners on some specific markets.

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Do you want to industrialise the successful implementation of your digital strategy or even outsource your business applications and guarantee both quality and agility for your users?

Outsourcing your digital production to a service centre can be of strategic importance to guarantee the success of projects throughout their entire lifecycle. You concentrate on your core business and make the most of a unique partner offering the full range of digital skills that innovates in everything it does.

The SQLI Group has 4 nearshore service centres in France, Spain and Italy, 2 offshore service centres in Morocco and 1 in South Africa.

Numerous international manufacturers, luxury goods firms, insurers and retailers chose us to outsource their digital projects: groupe SEB, Nespresso, Cdiscount, Generali