Customised web solutions

Develop your digital presence and create a new customer experience with an efficient and innovative web platform.

The website is the main place where the brand and its customers come together. The application must therefore promise an engaging and user-friendly digital experience in order to gain the user’s immediate support.

As an integrator-partner, SQLI has built its reputation by helping its customers to develop their web ecosystem, increase their visibility and transform their customer journey with a resolutely user-centric approach.

Because uses have evolved, we design end-to-end web applications which fully meet the requirements of your end users in terms of features, responsive design and omni-channel aspects.

We combine the know-how of our integrated marketing agency with our technological expertise to adapt the best web solutions to your business environment.

Our centre of excellence assists the biggest brands with their application projects throughout the advisory, management, roll-out and change management stages.




Collaborative intranet


Partner or customer extranet


E-commerce website

Our web developments use robust, flexible, efficient platforms which can be easily managed by your business teams. As an integrator of choice, we help you to choose the CMS which is best adapted to your business needs and your IS context.

SQLI has developed a skill centre dedicated to creating, overhauling and migrating web solutions. With a fixed-rate production capacity of more than 12,000 man days and more than 85% of projects completed in agile mode, we are positioning ourselves as a partner of choice for digital transformations:


high-level talented


years of innovation when it comes to uses and interfaces


UX–UI ergonomics and graphics experts