[INFOGRAPHIC] 6 tips to make your CMS project a sure-fire success

Are your content management tools insufficiently in synch with the new positioning of your organisation and in need of a good makeover? Have you been tasked with the very important mission of managing this deployment project for a new web solution?


To succeed, you’re going to need a CMS (Content Management System). If poorly prepared, this type of project can quickly become a testing obstacle course, rather than a quiet walk in the park.

Where should you start? Where should your efforts be focused? In what order?


Don’t panic! Our teams are used to this kind of challenge and are here to help you on this quest by sharing their 6 top tips.

Download our CMS infographic

[INFOGRAPHIC] 7 tips to improve the UX design of your e-commerce website

60% of purchase decisions are based on buyers’ perceptions and their confidence in a brand.

Focusing on the UX Design of your e-commerce website is key to attracting consumers and gaining their loyalty.

But taking internet users from a web browser to your shopping basket, without losing them on the way, can sometimes be an obstacle course!

There are many difficulties you may face:

  • Attracting users to your e-commerce website
  • Seducing them all along the purchasing process
  • Reassuring them
  • Offering a real mobile experience
  • Avoiding abandoned shopping baskets

How can you face these challenges and stand out from the competition while increasing your conversion rate? How can you make your consumers feel that your website has been designed especially for them?

Check out our infographic for advice from an experienced UX designer and find out how to  build a real “customer-centric” e-commerce website.

Download : infographic - improve the UX design of your e-commerce website


Article from Thomas Robert , UX consultant – Wax Interactive – SQLI Group