[SUCCESS STORY] SEB GROUP: on the road to digital

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How to remain a leader on your international market and create a privileged relationship with consumers and your network of distributors?

To meet these objectives, Seb wanted to build an e-commerce system to serve the user experience, while enhancing product branding.

Discover in our use case how Seb deployed its e-commerce platform, with SQLI and Wax, on more than 60 sites in more than 40 countries around the world.


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[SUCCESS STORY] A new corporate website for Pierre Fabre

Pierre Fabre, an international pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetics group,  set up a new modern corporate website in 2019, offering new features that are essential to reflecting a modern group. The aim : enhance communication, employer branding and the user relationship, in France and overseas.


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[SUCCESS STORY] LA PARISIENNE ASSURANCES accelerates the marketing of its bespoke products

La Parisienne Assurances selected SQLI to digitalise the design of its bespoke insurance products. The new platform is intended as a response to performance and transparency issues, strengthening the relationship between the insurer and its partners.

Discover how La Parisienne Assurances and SQLI set up a digital platform centralising all the actions and information in order to co-design the products with its partners.

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[SUCCESS STORY] SILVERSEA - Full steam ahead to digital!

Silversea, the luxury cruise line, is known to offer passengers dream destinations and unforgettable experiences.


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In 2017, Silversea wanted to develop its brand image and offer a personalised experience to its customers even before they step on board through a new digital platform.

Discover how Silversea, SQLI and Adobe Teams succeed to create a customised user experience and improve the conversion rate by 66%.


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[SUCCESS STORY] GENERALI : an omnichannel customer website

Generali France wanted to upgrade its customer portal and the website by adopting a more modern tool with a new interface.


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The aim : a totally new customer relationship where digital technology acts as a catalyst.

Discover how Generali France and the SQLI teams created a new website, with an enriched customer journey, a smoother navigation and a better service for the final users – by using the Agile method.

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