The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the growth of B2B e-commerce to its peak. Buyers in this market are conditioned by their experiences as consumers and expect to have a similarly seamless and personalised shopping experience in B2B.
To remain competitive, companies must overcome several key challenges to take full advantage of digital commerce and new business models within their organisations

E-commerce offers you new opportunities, discover them in this white paper.

In this white paper, you will learn:
  • 6 key figures every B2B company should know
  • The 4 new digital commerce challenges that B2B companies have faced in the last year
  • Insights and testimonials from 7 major players such as Carlsberg, Miele, Scott Sports or Bridgestone on the steps they have taken to overcome these challenges

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[White paper] Digital Workplace: Connect, collaborate and grow sustainably

Business success today relies on connectivity, collaboration and the capacity to make decisions in real time. This means that organisations that wish to remain competitive need to transform the way in which they work, in order to allow people
to be productive from anywhere at any time.

The key to success lies in the effective implementation of a digital workplace strategy, capable of driving operational
efficiency and social connections.

This white paper provides insights into the digital workplace and looks at:

  • The definition of a digital workplace
  • Key players in the digital workplace space
  • The benefits of a digital workplace
  • Best practices when implementing a digital workplace
  • A digital workplace case study


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[WHITE PAPER] DXP : stay ahead of the game !

People today are no longer loyal to brands; they are loyal to meaningful experiences. They expect to be able to access the same content from a range of different digital devices anytime, anywhere.

If they cannot do so, they switch brands. As a result, organisations that wish to remain competitive need to have a strategy in place that enables them to provide a seamless unified digital experience across all touchpoints.

This white paper looks at how this can be achieved through a Digital ExperiencePlatform (DXP).

The document examines:

  • The role of a DXP
  • The benefits of such a platform
  • Different components of a DXP
  • Choosing and implementing a DXP solution
  • A DXP case study


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[WHITE PAPER] Digital in store: How tablets for Sales staff enhance the customer experience

The in-store shopping experience is currently in a state of transformation. More and more consumers are coming into brick and mortar stores to examine articles before going home to order them online, known as “showrooming”. They are also checking out products online before coming into stores to purchase them, known as webrooming”. As a result, the barrier between online and offline shopping is becoming blurred, customers are becoming more demanding and competition is rife.  

One way for retailers to deal with this challenging environment is to equip their Sales staff with a mobile deviceThis enables Sales Associates to provide customers with more detailed and personalised information, improving the overall in-store customer experience. 

Read our white paper to learn about: 

  • Today’s retail environment 
  • Why more stores are giving their Sales teams tablets 
  • What performance can be measured with a tablet 
  • Setting up a tablet programme 
  • What the future holds for the in-store customer experience 

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[WHITE PAPER] Customer engagement


In order to engage with customers, each interaction between a brand and its customers must be self-evident. What is the recipe for this success?

Really engaging with your customers means understanding them and having a really close relationship with them at each stage.

Far from being as one-dimensional as it was in the past, the customer journey is radically changing as it combines both the physical and digital. Consumer expectations on brands have also increased: they want us to offer them what they need when they need it, as part of a unique buying experience. How can brands create this new experience in such a complex ecosystem?

Forget mass marketing. Relationship and personalised marketing based on detailed knowledge of the profiles and habits of consumers have taken over.

This document is for all those who are looking for solutions to improve their customer engagement.

Read this Customer Engagement white paper to:

  • Understand the importance of in-depth customer knowledge to better target communications.
  • Adopt relationship marketing mechanisms to improve your engagement rate regardless of the channel used.
  • Identify digital solutions to enhance customer experience whether digital and/or physical.
  • Understand the importance of digital when it comes to retaining your customers over the long-term.


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